Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Month Thrills

The best Santa and Mrs. Claus I have ever seen! He looks so sweet all bundled up! This was on our trip to Branson. They were at Branson Landing! Love it!
This was a picture off my camera phone this morning! (12-8-09) Such a sweet smile!

3 month old picture by Mommy

The BEST Santa I've ever seen!

He loves his books!

I can't believe that our baby boy is is 3 months old!
Dylan, here are your 3 month milestones:

-you weigh 11lbs. 13.6oz.
-when we hold your hands and pull, you want to sit up
-you found your hands! (11-25-09) you watch them and bring them to your mouth to suck on your fists
-you like to watch yourself kicking those legs!
-you went to Sunday morning Bible class for the first time (11-4-09)
-you love looking at yourself in the mirror! that is your favorite part of Bible class too!
-you love Mommy and Daddy to read books to you!
-you eat 5 times a day and sleep through the night!
-you had your first cold (12-2-09)
-your eyes are lightening to the most beautiful shade of blue!
-you have a really excited noise/laugh that you do, you did it first for Grandma (11-28-09)
We are just so excited to spend the holiday season with Dylan. He is going to make it so special and fun! :) Happy Holidays to you all!