Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, May 30, 2014

Field Day!

Dylan had his very first field day in Pre-K 3! Daddy surprised him by coming and I thought he was going to hug his neck off!! He was on the "Lellow" team and enjoyed playing with his friends! 
Musical chairs with the "Lellow" team!
Tricycle races. 
Lunch sitting by Savanna!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring has Sprung...

.....we think?? 
We love literally being 2 minutes away from our favorite park! It's a 2 min drive or about a mile walk. I haven't tackled the latter by myself with the boys! We enjoyed some cake pops and smoothies on Earth Day!
I'm a sucker for good trees. This one. Wow. Gods true beauty. Love that it sits in my front yard now. Love that little worker that's been digging in the dirt, too. 
My jungle animals at the zoo! If the weather works out, we go every Wednesday morning! 
Our weekly zoo crew! I love all these children!
Dylan and Beau have very similar personalities.  Kindred spirits. Dylan-4 Beau-2.  Still buddies, as you can see!
He loves being the biggest, the leader at the zoo! Loving on sweet Tessa girl!
Caleb was smiling so sweet at Tess! They aren't sure what to think about having a girl around!
We had fun at the Scott's Annual Crawfish Boil. Daddy was at a golf tournament, so we had a mommy date!
We tried out Idlewild Park which is just a 4 minute drive from the house. They enjoyed it, but it is best on a cloudy day or with sunscreen handy. (No trees.)
We also visiting the Children's Center at the library closest to us now. It was grand! Tons of books. Tons of puzzles. Tables. Chairs. A fish tank. We will be back a lot. Poppy joined us on this outing. 
Happy Spring! Let's keep this mild temps around for a while!

Two and a half today!

This  little sweetheart (and stinker) is 2 1/2! (April 24, 2014)
You are really funny...still.  You like when people laugh at you being silly.  You try to be silly.  You ARE silly! 
You have started really getting opinionated and when things don't quite go your way, you have no reservations in yelling, screaming, or throwing a fit.  These were a few of the things that Mommy selectively forgot about being 2.  

This shot makes me think of the Andy Griffith show.  I love your smile and your rolled up pants.  Who are we kidding?!  I LOVE YOU!
 You were fishing with a stick!  Oh the simple joys of being a child!
 You are getting big.  You can carry on a big boy conversation with anyone!  You are really getting taller but still have plenty of chunk stored up in your belly! You love to eat!  Stats: 28.5 pounds and 30" tall.
 The only way I got you to look at the camera was to talk about all of your friends!  You pray for your friends at bedtime every night.  A few that you mention: Miss Be-be-ly (Beverly): Aunt Cawul: Declan: Cannon: Asher.  These are all your teachers and "boy" friends in Bible class.
You are still is completely infatuated with construction sites, bulldozers, dump trucks, and diggers.  You know where Daddy's construction sites are when we pass by them.  You got to ride on a huge digger at Daddy's downtown construction site last weekend.  You were literally over the moon.  At least a few times a day I hear, "Can I wide (ride) it?" This refers to any machinery, and sometimes zoo animals! Haha!

You also love to play with your brother.  You two are getting better and better about "playing" together.  You play "boy" things like sword fighting and Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers.  You also will make up games like zoo animals and snakes.  It's so much fun to watch!

You can count to 12. The next few number are "x"-teen. 

You know the colors yellow and orange. The others still get a bit mixed up. ;)

Funny story:
We dropped Dylan off for school and we were walking back to the car.  You said, "Look, Mama, that truck has a mustache!"  I laughed and told you that I would go check it out once I got you buckled in your carseat.  I walked around to see this "mustache" and it was a bug guard above the grill of a Ford pickup truck.  I died laughing and said, "Yes, Caleb! You are right!"  
I just love getting little glimpses into your mind!  

Here is a classic "I'm 2" video of Caleb!!
Couldn't imagine our lives without you!  Love you to the moon and back!