Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, November 28, 2014

The BOO is on us this Halloween!

We were Boo'ed in a big way Halloween morning.  The boys were playing so well in Caleb's bedroom.  They were pretending that under Caleb's bed was their Ninja Turtle's lair.  I was in the kitchen working on Halloween costumes.  I heard a very loud thud, and a horrible cry.  Caleb had fallen over his safety bed rail and onto the floor.  He was in horrible pain.  His face was as white as a ghost.  I immediately called Jonathan.  He came home from work.  Caleb would not even lift his head up off of the pillow by himself.  I called and made a doctor's appt for as early as possible.  He perked up a bit, but went to play with his baseball bat and couldn't lift his arm.  The story is: They were playing "trip each other" on the bed, and Caleb got "tripped" over the rail to the floor.  Dylan was so worried about him.  I dropped him off to Aunt Carole at her work and Caleb and I went to see Dr. Herbert.  After lots of tears and an x-ray, we learned that Caleb had a cracked collarbone. (left side) Our first broken bone.  I should have asked for the x-ray as a souvenir.  A picture of bones seems to go with Halloween, right?!?  This is the brace he wore for 3 weeks.  He wore it happily really.  I think it helped it not hurt.  The pain from a broken collarbone is no joke.  Bless my sweet baby.  He was a brave boy. 
We went to pick Dylan up and they had a little Halloween party going on at her office.  Caleb ate suckers and played a bit.  
 Dylan helped set up all of the games and then enjoyed playing them.  He is getting so big!
After a nap in which he woke up from the pain, we watched a movie.  They loved Air Bud: Beach Volleyball edition.
I did manage to get Caleb in his costume for a few pictures, but you can totally tell he didn't feel well at all.  
Sir Dylan the knight. and the fire-breathing dragon.  
Oh, and he hated the sweatsuit.  Still refuses to wear it for whatever reason.  Who knows.   Maybe it brings back bad memories of this day when he broke his collarbone. 
 Dylan is always ready for some action. 
My little dragon and his only smile of the afternoon.
Dylan's fall carnival at CAC happened to be on Halloween this year.  Caleb only wanted me and I was working the carnival, so he came, too.  Even though all of his grandparents and his Aunt Carole offered to keep him at home.  He only wanted me.  Dylan had fun playing games. 
 Caleb even played a game or two.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but I was glad to see him smile.
He only woke up twice that first night, and once the next.  He started learning how to not use that left arm.  He did great at compensating.  He was a trooper.  After 3 weeks, we had another x-ray that showed it is healing nicely.  He no longer has to wear the brace, but we have to be careful for 3 more weeks.  No rough housing, trampolines.  And definitely no more monkeys jumping on the bed.
"The Mommy who was happy to see Halloween end" 

October Highlights

October highlights:
Dylan had his Pumpkin Patch field trip at the Train Park.  Games to play, running around with his friends, eating snacks,  picking a pumpkin, and decorating them.  A great time!
My favorite boy, in maybe my favorite Halloween shirt yet!  (shirt: Wes & Willy)
All his buddies from Pre-K 4 plus Hoover's brother, Hutson!
Snacks with friends: Zach, Dylan, Hoover, and Seth
We made cheese ball pumpkins for classmates!
We learned the "Five Little Pumpkins" poem and made a little craft.  Their handprints are the pumpkins! (actually their fists) 
Painting pumpkins outside!  It was cold!
My bestie came for Caleb's birthday and stayed with us for the weekend.  It was so refreshing to have her here.  She even went on a 4 mile run with me!  
Her birthday present to the boys was a Ninja Turtle Build-A-Bear.  We all had lots of fun.  It's great having an Aunt Janell!
Arnold Family Pumpkin Carving Contest!
He thought the "guts" was fun!
Our Ninja Turtle pumpkin, Leonardo!
Caleb is quite the hitter!  Thanks, Matt-Lana-and Shelby, for the birthday gift!
 Dylan has started spelling EVERYTHING in sight!  He loves to spell the words and ask us what it says.  He is also getting pretty great at sounding things out!
 It was fun going to Holiday House with my sister, her bestie Karen, Karen's daughter Katie, and one of my best friends, Lana!
Me and Lana at Holiday House.  We felt nerdy about taking a selfie, but had to.  Haha!
October was great until the Very. Last. Day. 
See my next post about Halloween day to understand!