Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sun, Sand, Such a Happy Boy!

We had an absolute blast on Dylan's 1st beach vacation to Gulf Shores. We were at the beach for 9 days and we had the best weather! No oil, and no rain all week long! Dylan LOVED the sand. When we put his toes in for the first time, he made a funny face, and then just started digging his feet in. When we sat him in the sand, he just dug in with his hands too. He may have gotten a little sand in his mouth too, oops! It was a joy to have both my parents and Jonathan's parents with us. Dylan was happy, or do you call that SPOILED! :)
Dylan, while we were at the beach, here is what you got to do:
-You felt the sand and the ocean for the first time! You loved the sand and you loved the ocean waves crashing in on your ankles.
-You swam in a pool for the first time too! You loved your float, but liked Mommy and Daddy toting you around doing "motorboat" with you.
-You ate many new things: Graduates Yogurt melts, Banana bread, club crackers, and the fun stuff like Sonic Strawberry slush, sweet tea, and coke (courtesy of your grandparents)
-You are doing so good about picking up your snacks with your fingers (the pinser grasp is something we can check off the list!)
-You are gaining so much balance when you pull up to stand. You do this all the time!
-Mawmaw continues to teach you how to find the lights in every room. When she says, "Where's the light?" and you look up at it. So cool!
-Pop taught you to click your tongue.
-Grandma taught you how to make the Indian noise with you mouth.
-Grandpa taught you the love of Mt. Dew! (well, empty Mt.Dew bottles as a good chew toy)
-You loved having your Daddy around every day, all week. And, your favorite thing to say these days is "Da-da-da-da"
-You had your first "white tablecloth dinner" at Louisiana Lagniappe. It wasn't so white after you had your mixed veggie supper :)
-You also went to our favorite beach eatin' spots: Bahama Bob's and The Hangout!

I have to say it was probably our best family vacation to date. So many firsts and we were so glad Dylan LOVED the beach. He definitely fits in with his Mom and Dad! We will be ready to travel back next year!

I think I printed 200+ pictures, so here are a few of my favorites from the week in a collage. We enjoyed the sun and the sand! But the best part was that we shared it with such a happy boy!

Dylan's 1st Beach Trip 2010