Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Dayz {June}

End of June! 
Cute friends matching at church today. Dylan and Sloan 
Working hard on his Tower of Babel in Bible class!
We celebrated our 12th Anniversary with date night at the beach, so on our actual anniversary, we were home with the boys. Dylan insisted on making us a card and giving us his very own $5 to go get Starbucks together. He has THE best heart!!
Hot Zoo days with Tess and Beau! 
Swimming with Mommy! 
Biking across Two Rivers Bridge! 
They did great! 
I got my workout jogging with Ben AND helping Caleb! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Seagrove, FL {Family Beach Trip}

June 17-24, 2016
The beach.  It's my favorite.  I love the smell of salt water and the sound of the waves.  
First night on the beach.  They look like twins here. 
It's so hard for him to relax.  So glad he did even for a few minutes!
 A little surfing at the pool.
 Golf cart ride to Heavenly in Seaside for ice cream. 
 My kid who can do the whole "chill" thing on the beach. 
 Boogie boarder for life. 
 Sand castle maker, hole digger, relaxer, for life. 
 Dylan and Daddy's sand castle. 
 Oh that smile!

 Par 3 course for the boys!

 Night out at the Seaside square. Supper at Great Southern Cafe and ice cream after for the boys. 
 Chilling on the pool deck.
 At the Seaside amphitheater in their new t-shirts from Nana. 
 Dylan looks forward to the food trucks for lunch each year!

 Evening time on the beach. 

 More boogie boarding.

 Matching Pawpaw.
 Breakfast snuggles with my littlest at The Donut Hole.
 Shopping in Seaside square with Nana and the boys. 
 Family beach pic.  Favorite activity of the week: Skimmer boarding.  Daddy even showed his mad skills and the boys were totally impressed. 
 Dinner at Cafe Thirty-A.  The boys did great!
 Caleb enjoying his giant root beer!
 A little timed picture of the whole crew after dinner. 
 Luke Bryan's house right next to us. 
 Our spot for the week.  Take me back. 
 Two of the greatest people.  Thankful that they are my in-laws and thankful the boys have them as Nana and Pawpaw. 
 Blowing this up to hang somewhere.  I need more walls. 
 That toothless grin.  So glad I got to capture it.  And the squinty eyes.  Just like his Daddy. 

 Sun kissed cheeks.  Big bright deep blue eyes.  Bleached out hair.  Love. 

 Heart.  Full.  

 Can't believe we've been married for 12 years!
 12th Anniversary dinner at Caliza Restaurant in Alys Beach.

Father's Day 2016

Thankful for all three of these fathers!  Dad, Pop, Jonathan, Pawpaw...you mean more to us than you will ever know!