Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making Progress: 21 Weeks Pregnant

I think this week has been a significant "growing" week. I feel like my belly is bigger than last weeks picture. Guess you will have to be the judge of that. Our baby bedding arrived on Wednesday! I was nervous buying something that I couldn't see in person, but I LOVE IT! Its just what I had envisioned it to be. Now we can pick a paint color and get his room painted. We did start rearranging closets, rooms, etc. last Saturday. The office has been relocated and that is one room down. We now have to take the guest bedroom furniture and move it out of the nursery. I am happy with any type of progress.

Our little boy is quite the mover! I think I mentioned this before, but the last couple days have been significant! He seems to like to do his harder moving just when I cozy down at night to go to sleep. That's ok though, because then Jonathan can feel him. He was putting on a show for his daddy last night! He moves during the day too. I love that feeling and wouldn't change it for the world! He has now reached 1 pound!

The weather has been beautiful this week. I am actually going to go to the lake with my parents until Saturday. Jonathan is out of town. I hope to get some sun! And yes......I will be wearing the maternity tankini (woohoo!).

The beach is calling our name in 16 days! Oh, I can't wait! Love, Rachel

On-line picture of the bedding, not our crib

Fabric Swatch-plaid: bumper, star: crib sheet, red: cording, ties, & trim

Thursday, April 16, 2009

King Tut's Tomb-20 Weeks Pregnant

I was informed last night that because of my mound of pillows that now accompany me in my sleep, my hubby believes he is sleeping next to King Tut's Tomb. :) I felt that was a phrase to be coined for my next entry. Boy how life changes when you are pregnant. Yes, I have always been a "flip-flopper" while I sleep, but comfort is HARD these days and I still have 19 weeks to go! I have found that a pillow for your legs and one for your belly is what helps me rest and I have actually been sleeping well, minus all the bathroom breaks. (hope I'm not treading on that line of too much information).

I am thoroughly enjoying feeling our boy move daily now. Last night was a big moment, Jonathan felt him move for the first time! It seems everytime I tell him, "Oh, come quick, he's moving," that rascal stops right when his daddy puts his hand on my belly! So, last night, as we were watching American Idol, I told Jonathan to just keep his hand on my belly for a while. He had been constantly thumping around in there. I have to say, I will cherish Jonathan's face when he looked over at me and said, "I felt him!" It was sweet and something not to be forgotten.

Names, oh names........
Lots of people ask if we have picked a name yet. We have a middle name, Thomas, Jonathan's middle name. We have narrowed the first name picks down to three. Believe it when I say, no one is more ready to have this boy named more than ME! And yes, we will tell everyone when we figure it out ourselves! We rotate calling him one of the 3, just to see how it sounds, feels, etc. This truly is a stresser for me! It will happen soon!

Updates on the boy:
He is 7 inches long, arms & legs in proportion (and we think from his pictures he may have long arms & legs like me!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day in the Duck Woods

My Two Explorers!
Jonathan, Nelli, and I went to Searcy to play in the duck woods. Jonathan, his dad, my dad, and a friend have a new place to hunt, and we went to check it out today. You would have thought Nelli was in her own little piece of heaven. She ran, swam, jumped, explored, etc. until she was DOG tired and STINKY! She slept in her kennel the whole way back to Sherwood. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors. We had a good morning, and I also think it might be a good afternoon to watch the Masters Tournament and take a nap. As always, I took a few pictures to document our outing. Enjoy the spring weather while it lasts and Happy Easter to you all! Rachel

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're having a............

In honor of our BOY, I chose to right this note in blue. :) We had our big ultrasound today and found out we are having a little boy! He is quite the wiggler! The radiology tech had trouble getting him to be still so she could get good pictures. BUT... there is no doubt this rascal is a boy. He is growing just as he should, and weighs 11 ounces. She printed out 21 pictures for us, and Jonathan got a couple video clips with our camera. I should have known it would be a boy, since we can't settle on a boy name. That will more than likely consume me until we figure it out. Jonathan said that as of tomorrow, he will own his first set of golf clubs! Don't we know that is the truth. We are getting used to the boy factor, and YES, we are excited!

I can't wait to see Jonathan as a father to his little boy. As I sit writing this message, the Masters First Round is playing, and I look into the future of how many golf weekends will be spent. It seems fitting that we found out a boy was coming on Masters weekend. Golf will be in his blood. I look forward to Jonathan teaching him to play golf, duck hunting with him, and engaging in all the other activities that he wishes to take on. I also know that he will be taught great things in leadership and responsibility from his dad. Jonathan is a true born leader. We look forward to teaching him about Christ most of all.

Here is a video of the little man. It's his profile. You can see his arm moving, and his heart beating. We truly can't wait to meet him. I already think he is cute, and I just have a feeling he is going to look like Jonathan. I have no problems with that. Blonde curly hair, and blue eyes works for me. In all actuality, we just can't wait to meet our healthy baby boy. Only 4 months to go! Love to you all! Rachel

19 weeks pregnant, after a busy day & we cleaned the house!