Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fifteen months is FAB!

You have captured our hearts with your sweetness.  You make us laugh with your sassy-ness.  You make us tired with your newfound love for walking and busy-ness.  We love you to the moon and back, forever and always, no matter what!
I love your brother's sweet smile.  He is so proud of you and loves you so very much!  He is your biggest cheerleader, and your protector!
 You are getting so big, and you absolutely love to walk!
  • Your new words include:
    • "sue"- shoe
    • "ock"- sock
    • "gock ock"- rock rock
    • "too-tee"- cookie
    • "Pop"
    • "pee-boo"- Peek a boo
    • "ye-sah"- Jesus
    • "Go, go, go"- Grow, grow, grow
    • "Aww-mo"- Elmo
    • "Bipe"- bite
    • "Be-bee"- belly or belly button
    • "Cheeee"- cheese (at any camera)
    • "Gunk"- milk
    • "hee-whoa"- hello (and you hold the phone behind your head)
  • Walking is your main mode of transportation!  You almost run when you see food (Ha!) or when you are chasing Dylan!
  • You love to play wrestle with Daddy and Dylan!  You even make an "Ahh" sound and get them with your sword! (See video below)
  • You mimic every sound and word we say!
  • You can make the fish face!
  • You can say your Bible words.  I will say "God made" and you say "Meeeee" for Me and point to yourself! (See video below)
  • When we sing "Read your Bible, pray everyday, and you'll grow, grow, grow" you will cover your eyes to pray, then raise your hands for growing and say "Go, go, go".  (See video below)
  • You have started climbing everything! (the tv cabinet, oven, stools, lil red, etc.  You even try to hike up your leg and climb into the bathtub.  It is too funny!
  • You are cutting some of your back teeth, yuck!
  • We love to ask you questions because most of the time you shake your head no and say "uh-uh".  Very rarely do you answer yes.  Dylan gets really tickled when you do this!
  • Your favorite toys are the ones you can move!  You love the mower and the popping walker.  
  • You love to read!

Videos: I couldn't pick just one, so, bear with a proud mommy :)
1. Some of his first steps.
2. Family sword fighting night
3.  Daddy makes Caleb chuckle after bath time ( I LOVE THAT LAUGH!)
4. Walking with his mower and saying Bible words
5. Grow, grow, grow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feisty @ 14 months!

I am so amazed at how quickly this little boy is growing up!  He is such a joyous baby boy.  I can think of lots of ways to describe him, but my favorite STILL when anyone asks is that he is just the sweetest baby boy in the whole wide world!  
 Now, with that being said, you are really coming into your own.  You make many, many facial expressions that can quickly depict your wants/desires/needs.  You have also started fighting with your big brother.  Dylan starts much of it, but you are not a fan when your brother steals a toy, or comes over to play with what you are playing with at the time.  Oh, Caleb, I do believe you will win many a fights sweet boy.  Sometimes we call you bruiser at the ripe 'ole age of 14 months! 
You love to dance.  I was so excited that I caught these moves with the camera!  You love to twist, shake your hand, and boogie down!  You love any kind of music, and you also love when we sing!  You also have started singing yourself!  You even started your own version of "Jesus Loves Me" at Mawmaw's house the other day.  We can tell you hear that one in Bible class!
 You have taken your first steps, and you definitely CAN walk.  You just still prefer to crawl.  I think it is because it gets you places faster, and you have to keep up with your wild 3 year old brother!

New Words:
"pee-pee"-papi (our word for pacifier)
You have said both "Pop" and "Pawpaw" but most of the time you call them "Da-da" too, silly boy!
"dy-dee"-still your word for Dylan

Animal sounds:
"ahh-ahh-ahh" for monkey
"baa-baa" for sheep
"eww-eww" still for puppy

Sleep pattern:
Still 2 naps a day, and loving both of them.
Asleep around 7:30 and you sleep for 12 hours.  Blessed. 

Food loves:
grilled cheese, waffles, grapes, yogurt, and yogurt melts!  
Oh my, one of your favorite things to do right now is vacuum!  Dylan actually got the vacuum for Christmas from his Nana & Pawpaw.  He loves it, but we had no idea how much you would love it, too!  You toddle behind it and get really angry if you get off balance and fall, or if the vacuum falls to the ground.  I am thinking you may have inherited Mommy's "sometimes" lack for patience.  You also do not care to share the vacuum with your brother.  Mommy is constantly working on the "share" concept with both you and your big brother.
You enjoy playing with your kitchen, barn, and xylophone that you got for Christmas.  You also love sitting on Dylan's indoor trampoline while Dylan bounces you.  Today, you actually did your own jumping motion while hanging tight to the handle bars.  No feet of the ground yet, but I was proud of you!  You also still love those tiny little wind-up walking toys!
You can spot a ball a mile away and you start saying "baww" in your most Southern-drawl.  I love it!
You also love to read books.  You love books with flaps, books with real animals and babies!  You love your "1st" Bible that you got for Christmas.  We started reading the first story "God made Everything".  You spotted your Bible on your toy box the other day and said "bi-buh".  I love hearing you use that precious word.  
Caleb, here are some of your favorite books:
The top two are your bedtime stories right now.

Caleb, we love you to the moon and back, forever and always, no matter what!  We are enjoying your become your own little boy full of sweetness and joy!