Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where a kid can be a...

Dylan (and the rest of the family) enjoyed his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a friends birthday party. We had not taken him yet. We were waiting for the "right" time. Ha! We got the invite for His buddy's 6th birthday and decided "what a perfect time"! All of our friends were joking that they just couldn't wait to see Dylan go bonkers with all the games! In the back of my mind, however, I felt it might be a little overwhelming for my 3 year old. We got there and he did NOT want me to put him down. It was loud, busy, and quite the new experience. He slowly warmed up and was ready to take his tokens to play games with Daddy. He never went "nuts" as a few had predicted. He had a lot of fun and is already asking to go back. He liked playing "Daddy's favorite", which is ski-ball. He also really liked driving the monster truck. Caleb enjoyed riding along with him. He did awesome at shooting hoops, and did a great job at air hockey. I asked what his favorite was and he told me ski-ball like Daddy. BUT I think it was a game where you throw balls at bugs on a tv screen to score points. He got 56 tickets which = 2 boxes of NERDS candy. He enjoyed pizza, cake, and music to celebrate! He even did a little dance to the puppet band. He was pretty intrigued by those giant animal puppet people! March 17, 2013
I'm sure we will be going again!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Only a month behind!

Mommy is a little late on your 16 month milestones!  We will do a little back-tracking so that everyone can remember ALL of the things you were doing at 16 months!
Such a hard worker!
Words you love to say:
"Ga-gee" is the new word for your blankie and you LOVE it more than ever!
"Pa-peee" (papi, a.k.a pacifier)
"Mou" (mouth)
"No" (nose)
"E-uh" (ear)
"ow-er" (flower)
"bu-bu" (bubbles)
"pu-peeee" (puppy)
"sishy" (fishy)

Stats: 21lbs. 12.4oz./ 31"

Animal sounds you've added to the mix:
"cack-cack" (quack-quack for a duck)
"ssss" (for a snake)

-You absolutely love to watch Praise Baby!  We introduced it to you a few months ago.  You will see the DVD and start saying "ba-byyyy".  You will point out a lot of the different objects and name them.
Enamored by Praise Baby!
Praise Baby time!
-You have started hitting when you are unhappy.  We are working on that situation.  Usually, if I point my finger and tap your face and say "No hit", you get your feelings hurt.  But, I am starting to see a little bit of strong-will in you like your older brother.
-You sleep 12-13 hours a night.  Bedtime is at 7:30pm for you.  You take about a 2 hour nap.  You still like to take 2 naps if our daily schedule allows it.
-You love your ocean sound projector machine.  You love to go in your bedroom, shut the door, turn off all the lights, and watch the "sishy" on the screen.  You also are intrigued by your shadow!
-You have found an even greater love for books.  You will walk into your room,  grab a book, and bring it to us to read to you.
-Sometimes if I can't find you in the house, you will be playing all by yourself in the playroom.  You love to play with toys and they will keep your attention much longer than they ever did your brother.
-You have mastered walking and can even run a little bit.  You are slightly pigeon-toed and do best with your shoes on.
-You still LOVE food.  I think you would eat constantly if we let you.  You really don't have a "no" section, except for vegetables.  You love all kinds of fruit!
-I gave you your very first haircut!  Your sweet curls had started to hit your shoulders.  I kept the curls, of course, just shaped it up a little.
It tickled a bit!
March 20, 2013
After: curls kept!
After: with a cute messy strawberry face!
You love your big brother!
Saying "Cheese"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Look who is 3....AND A HALF!

A piece of my heart will forever belong to this blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy.
Here are your favorite things:
1. Power Rangers! Oh my, you are Jayden, the red ranger, the leader.  Most evenings at our house, you fight the Nighlok (a.k.a Daddy) until he is all tuckered out! 
2. You are always asking "Why?"  You ask why after we answer your questions.  Just last weekend while driving to Little Rock, we all got tickled because Mommy started asking YOU a bunch of questions.  You weren't sure what to do when the tables were turned!
3. You love Daddy Day!  You are starting to get into learning the days of the week.  You know that Saturday is "Daddy Day" and it usually begins with a trip to the donut shop!
4. You love to talk!  You have an amazing vocabulary!  You told your Mawmaw one afternoon that you were just "exasperated".  
5. You love chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles and donut holes most!
6. You love Mother's Day Out!  You enjoy playing with your friends, and you love Mrs. Kelly! You know that Tuesdays and Thursday are school days!
You still love the great outdoors!  It has been so cold here lately, that we have had to go to the church gym and play ball and have races to get all of our energy out!
You love your big brother, but you also like to try and pick fights with him.  I try to warn you that in a few years, Caleb will really be able to fight back!  But you have such a tender heart when it comes to him.  You try to help Mommy take care of him, and you love to give him food!
You still love to work with tools.  You love to play golf.  You love hanging out with your grandparents!  You love going to Bible Hour during church on Sunday mornings.  You love to do your morning devotional with Mommy.  You always remind me of it at breakfast time.  You love crafting.  You love playdoh and paint.  You are still taking naps, but don't have to have one every day.  Some days, you have rest time in your room and movie time.  You are FULL of energy and busy all of the time.  You definitely have your moments, but I also see glimpses of a little boy maturing.  Don't get me wrong, you will always be my energetic one!  You wrote the letter "D" for the first time and did a great job!  You looked at Mommy's and I taught you a little saying "A stick and a humpty dump!"  Whatever works!
You are really into playing games. 
 Right now, your favorites are:
-Hi ho, Cherry-o!
-Count your Chickens!
-Don't Spill the Beans!
But most of all, you love Power Rangers.  It is, hands down, your favorite thing to do.  
You can't wait for Daddy to get home from work.  You have to share him with your brother, but you usually don't mind that.  Daddy is reading you the Official Power Ranger Samurai Guide.  You got it last week and we read parts of it at least twice a day!
Your stats: 40 inches tall; 30 pounds

I leave you with a video from our GAP children's service on Sunday nights.  Teaching the young boys to be leaders in the church.  What a blessing.  I am so proud of you Dylan!

A Very Belated Valentine's Post!

My two little Valentines!
Checking out their treats!
Love that fake "cheese"!
He loves to say cheese, too!  
My hubby always does good!
Dylan picked out a special valentine for Mommy!  The boy and girl are playing freeze tag on the card.  Oh, how I love that boy!

Dylan enjoyed his FIRST Valentine's party at Mother's Day Out!  I was so excited when Mrs. Kelly sent me some pictures of their party.  He had a blast!
Their a mess!
I absolutely love the "new" take on Valentine's Day we have now.  I can't imagine spending it with a better group of boys!  I love cooking dinner for them, and giving them special treats.  It is such a treat for this Mommy to just spend time with them, because time goes by pretty fast these days! They were pretty pumped about the cupcakes!