Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, December 30, 2011


 Caleb, at 2 months old, you:
-weigh 12lbs. 14.6 oz,  23.75 inches long,  75% for both!
-slept all night for the 1st time! (12-28-11)  you went to sleep at 9 and woke up at 7:20!  the next night you were back to your 3:45a.m. wake up, but that's ok, too!
-have a little routine! usually up around 3 or 4 a.m. to nurse and back to sleep 'til 7 or 8 a.m.!
morning cat nap for an hour or so around 9 a.m.  big nap after lunch from 12:30 until 4ish! evening cat nap around supper time.  bedtime at 8 or 8:30 p.m.!
-nurse 5 times a day!
-smile and coo ALL THE TIME!
-realized that your fist fits in your mouth!
-love your blankie!
-can put yourself to sleep in your bed,  not every time, but sometimes!
-are a very happy, healthy baby boy!

Dylan, at 28 months old, you:
-love "Super Why" on PBS.  Wyatt teaches you letters and reads books!
-are getting better with matching and logical thinking! you can match the cookies to the cookie jar, the car to the garage, the bird to the bird house, etc.
-now know the letters o, e, t, g, c, and r.   this adds to d, y, l, a, n,  at least that's all to Mommy's knowledge.
-are still fascinated with the moon and stars.  we think you might be an astronomer!
-like to dress up like Woody, in the costume made by Aunt "Cawul" w/ Bullseye too!
-have a smart mouth at times :( and can throw a pretty crazy fit.  all about being two I guess :(
-still love your afternoon nap and will sleep for 2 hours!
-are a funny boy, recent funny phrases include:
     -"Who's gonna see me today?"
     -"Are you kiddin' me?" (this is what you told me after I asked you to pick up your toys before nap,
      and yes, you did pick them up!)
     -"Mom, we have a serious problem!" (I never figured out what it was!)
     -"poo-pul" (took me a minute, it's purple)
     -"You my best boy in da hoe (whole) wide wowd (world)" he told Caleb this, so sweet!


Christmas Morning & Mom 'n Dad's

Santa Claus came to our house!  Check out those suckers!

He received his request: SUCKERS!

And Santa (a.k.a- Dylan's great grandpa), thought he needed a
John Deere Tractor!  That Santa sure is CrAzY!

Caleb loves his light up and crawl ball from Santa!

Mommy and Daddy got Caleb some new books!
Mommy and Daddy got Dylan a "pi-na-no"

Attempt at a "brother" picture!

Ready for church!  SO DRESSED UP!

"Really, Mom.  Red corduroy pants?!"
So very handsome!
We had a quiet Christmas lunch at home, just the four of us.  The boys went down for their afternoon naps at one.  We headed to my parents house at 4:00 for Christmas with my family!
Our Christmas day picture!

Me and Sis!

The best Pop and Mawmaw ever!  Love my parents!

Remote control crane from Pop and Mawmaw!

His own leaf "blowa" for outside!  Blows bubbles and all!
It's bulldozer time!
Caleb with his football made by Aunt Carole!

Relaxing with his "uncles" learning how to work that iPhone!
We had a great Christmas this year!  Dylan had so much fun and he still asks me where Bam is (our Elf on the Shelf). Dylan really grasped a lot of the Christmas spirit this year!  I think next year will be even more fun!  He will understand it even better, and Caleb will be toddling around, too!   Looking forward to the new year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve morning at Nana and Pawpaw's house.  It was fun watching Dylan open up all the presents!  Saying he loved it is an understatement!
Pawpaw, Nana, and their grandsons!

Sweet smiling Caleb!

Fun crafting ahead!

Loved his new keys!

You HAVE to ride the four wheeler when you go to Pawpaw and Nana's house!
Christmas Eve night we just spent a relaxing evening at home.  That actually started after Dylan was born, and we really have come to love that time with our little family!
Making reindeer food!
Sprinkling the reindeer food in the yard!
Making Christmas trees!  We finished them off with M&M ornaments!
Testing out Santa's cookies and milk! Ha!
Annual "Watch me Grow" picture with Santa!

Caleb's first "Watch me Grow" picture with Santa!
 We actually got to bed at a decent hour!  We are blessed with two healthy boys to spend the holidays season watching grow!  This year, Dylan really has enjoyed all the festivities Christmas brings!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The REAL Santa Claus, Gingerbread Houses, and the Capitol Tree

Did you know that we found the real Santa Claus?! When he isn't a the North Pole, he resides in a little house with a huge tree on top in Branson, Missouri! We discovered this secret at Dylan's first Christmas, and have visited him every year since! This was Caleb's first visit, and Dylan's first visit where he could tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. His request? Suckers. Yes, suckers. It is the same request every time, the color just changes. He told Santa "blue ones". He also has asked for green, and most recently black and white ones. Love that boy! Our pictures with Santa went great! Dylan loved sitting in his lap, and was real excited about his candy cane! I completed all but one thing on my Christmas list! Yeah! The shopping was good, minus no naps for the 2 year old. That did result in some serious fit throwing. Oh my. My least favorite thing in this world. We will live through it I am sure. We also visited the Butterfly Palace. Thousands of black and white butterflies fly right by you in a huge garden. They are beautiful! Dylan was able to get his nose right next to them and explore their every move! He absolutely loved it! They also have a reptile museum. He got to pet a blue tongue skink, much to Mommy's shagrin! (skink- cross between a snake and lizard, insert Mommy shuddering). We also went through a mirror maze forest. He kept saying "it's the spooky forest, Mom!". Mom wasn't able to make the trip this year. She got sick at the last minute. I did enjoy quality time with my sister, even when we felt we were a part of a three ring circus. Traveling with 2 in diapers, and one that nurses every 3 1/2 to 4 hours is hard! They were both champs! We were all ready to be home though! Caleb went to bed at 9:00 and didn't wake up to nurse until 4:00am! That's all night baby!! Very awesome for us all! (12-15-11). Can't wait for Christmastime. Family time. Time to remember Christ. Happy Holidays!
The REAL one!

The double stroller has saved my life! 
Aunt Carole & Caleb at the Butterfly Palace!

Dylan and Mommy!

Beautiful butterflies EVERYWHERE!

Mirror maze.  He loved it!  Called it the "spooky forest."

Too.  Much.  Fun. 

My smiling baby boy!

Lovin' their blankies!  Caleb took to his
really fast!
We went to the Library (12-17-11) so that Dylan could build a gingerbread house.  Clarification: So Dylan could eat the candy and Mommy could build a gingerbread house!  He did have fun! We saw another Santa Claus and once again, told him we wanted suckers for Christmas! :)
Working hard, pretty sure he is chomping on some candy too!

Finished product!

Our "friend" dressed as Santa!
We took the boys to the Capitol to see the big Christmas tree, and all the pretty decorations.  It was a very busy spot! (12-17-11) Dylan and I got to go upstairs, but Daddy and Caleb had to chill downstairs.      The double stroller doesn't quite work when the building doesn't have an elevator!

And if you are still reading this insanely long post, for your listening pleasure:
(Don't forget to pause my music player box to the left first!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brrr! North Pole Breakfast and 1st Snow!

We are having an eventful beginning to December!  We had our North Pole Breakfast where our elf made his debut.  Dylan named him, of course!  We enjoyed Daddy's birthday, mostly getting ready for the "party", and we loved our 1st snow!!
Bam the Elf makes his debut! Dylan named him!
Enjoying snow covered donuts!
Hot Cocoa with ice glaciers (marshmallows)

Caleb's gift from Bam!

 Bam brought Dylan Christmas Cars
socks and a Santa craft to color!

Note from Bam to Caleb!

Celebrating Daddy's 29th Birthday! Dylan made the cake,
a card, and party hats!
 He's smiling and talking now!
Eating every 3 1/2 to 4 hours.
Goes 5 hour stretches at night!
First snow as a 2 year old!
December 7, 2011

He LOVED it!

Caleb's 1st snow!!!!

It was short and sweet, no frostbite for the baby!