Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quite the Talker!

Dylan is almost 14 months old and is talking up a storm! And YES, he definitely has an Arkansas Southern accent just like his Mama! We were able to capture some of his words on film tonight before bedtime! Enjoy!

P.S. Scroll down and pause my music box on the left so you can hear Dylan!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Best Pumpkin in the Patch!

We went again to Schaeffer & Collins Pumpkin Patch in Mayflower. It has become a tradition to go on Sunday afternoon each year with our Small group from church. We had a blast, even though it was incredibly hot!!

We were missing one family from our group. Our total is 14 adults and 11 kids! It is a great, BUSY group!I think we found our pick!I think that blonde hair blowing in the breeze is so cute! His face was so red. He played SO very hard! He also loved the hay ride to the patch! He watched the tractors and has picked up that word too! "Tac-too" It is pretty cute! Oh won't his grandpa's be proud!!!Dylan has found his pumpkin!On Satuday, Jonathan had the company golf tournament. Mom and I took Dylan out to the golf course to see everyone and eat lunch. He has become VERY attached to his golf club. He was pitching fits on the course if he thought we were taking the club away from him. Yikes! That afternoon, our friends Matt and Lana came over to watch the Hogs. He now can say "Maa" for Matt and "Ana" for Lana. He was pretty confident about it too! Fun times!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Happenin' with Our Talkin' Boy!

It is absolutely crazy what Dylan has picked up over the last month! There are so many things, I am just going to have to list them all! Dylan, here is what you are doing as a 13 month old:

-Walking is your ONLY way to move!
-You also are quite the little dancer. You dance to Mickey Mouse and whatever sounds good at the moment.
-You love to be outside and sweep the deck with your broom!
-You love spaghetti, ravioli, homemade chicken and dumplings and homemade chicken noodle soup!
-One of our favorite things is when you go pick out a book, bring it to us, and then turn your little bum around and sit down in our lap. It melts my heart, and your daddy's too!
-You have stared crying big when we have to come back inside from playing. You love to play outside, walk throughout the grass, pick up leaves, rocks, and sticks, and BE A BOY!!!

-Here are ALL the words in your vocabulary right now!
Yum-yum: You say this when you see food, when we ask you if you want to eat, when we walk to the fridge and pantry. It is so cute!
Shew: This is said to your diaper, rocks, leaves, anything that is stinky and that we don't want in your mouth!
Dog (daw)
Ball (baw)
Diaper (di-poo)
Cracker (ka-kr)
Banana (nana)
Light (yigh)
Pumpkin (pu-kin)
Turtle (tu-tl)

-Here are all the family names you can say!
Mama, Dada, and Ne-ne were first!
Dustin: You looked at a picture of all the boys and pointed to Dustin and said his name!!
Bob: You see Uncle Bob at church or in pictures and say his name!
Mawmaw: and it actually sounds different than Mama!
Tanner (ta-tu) You also love to say Hi Ta-tu. It is cute!
Carole (ca-cul) for Aunt Carole
Nathan (na-nan) for your cousin Nathan Blevins

We are working on Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa comes out a little like Pa-poo so that may be the new name!!

I think I say this every time I post, but Dylan may be the MOST fun right now! He is like a little sponge soaking everything up! I love watching him learn so many new things!
I will leave you with my favorite pictures from the beginning of Fall. We went to the Park last Saturday because it was a gorgeous day to be outside, and Dylan loves to be outside, Remember?!Look at that sweet expression as he watches his Daddy!