Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A dAy in tHe LiFe oF....

Mommy and Dylan!
A friend whose blog I follow had a great post recently. She wanted to capture the memories from an "ordinary" day at home with her kiddos. I loved the concept of remembering those days, instead of the special outings, because sometimes those days are the most special. This is how we spent our Tuesday....

We enjoyed our morning cartoon time as usual. His choice strayed from the normal Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he wanted to finish watching Toy Story 2 that we had started the day before. Notice our new friend?? That's Rusty. He is the new companion/friend/bedtime buddy of Dylan. He has been sitting on Dylan's bookshelf since he was born. It was actually my "Jonathan doll" that I had sitting on a shelf all through college. (Notice the resemblance?) Dylan spotted him the other day and asked, "Who's at?" I told him it was Rusty and every since then Rusty comes with us different places. Rusty even has to have a "dink a milk" before bedtime!
After cartoons and breakfast, we went straight to golfing! Let me tell you... this boy has quite a swing! He has watched his daddy so many times, he even mimics his pre-swing routine. He now can make the ball go airborne so watch out! We also went with daddy and played 9 holes for the first time over the weekend. He LOVED it!
We had to take a break for some basketball! SCORE!
He loves playing in his room these days. I got out some of my old stash of beanie babies (I knew I kept those for a reason :-) and we played with those for a while.
He took a fabulous nap (as did Mommy) and then woke up for a strawberry yogurt popsicle! New trick I heard: If you buy the small Dan-a-nino kids yogurt cups, you can turn them into popsicles in a flash! Poke a spoon through the paper top and set them in the freezer. They pop out easily, and are the right size for a toddler! Good for you too!
Hey! We made it out of our pajamas! What fun! On to stickers!!!!! He loves all kinds of arts and crafts. I haven't braved paint yet, but maybe one day soon! These are Curious George reusable stickers. Hard to find, but oh so good when you do!
I did manage to cook supper for the night. No picture there. I believe the menu consisted of Taco Casserole, Green Beans, and Fresh Peaches n Cream Corn. We had a great day. It is one that I want to remember because it was perfectly ordinary. We never left the house. We didn't spend a dime! We just had fun. I soaked up the time with my almost TWO year old, just doing what he likes to do.

I had to include the following movies. Did I mention his golf obsession? Well, I had to video Dylan and Daddy reading his fav book! We have read it so many times, he doesn't have to see the pages to know what is next! It is also helping us teach him golf etiquette and he really is putting it into practice when we go to the golf course with Daddy!

Dylan has a permanent draw to his golf swing. Look at that set up and follow through for a 23 month old little boy! No, we haven't been teaching him with words. He is learning by watching Dad!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our 4th Weekend!

I apparently had LOTS of pictures that I wanted to share from the weekend...
We were very low-key for this holiday weekend and it was a nice change of pace for us!
At the lake.... our little firecracker!
This is his new wind-up anytime he jumps. Hahaha!
Yes, I did cut his head off, but I still loved the "action" of the picture!
Dylan did not want his picture taken, at least he wasn't trying to get down...
What 4th of July isn't complete without cupcakes, and...
homemade ice cream! Yummy! My dad makes the BEST vanilla ever!
Playing in his new giraffe pool from Pop and Mawmaw!
My boys in their holiday red!
Oh what a silly mess, love this one!
We also had to get in some "fimming" time!! And, of course, anytime you swim, you must have at least one snack break!
"Are watchin' Dad?" One of his absolute favorite sayings. This was right before the wind up and the jump~
What a fun, and mostly relaxing 4th weekend! We spent time with both of our families and of course our little boy. Hard to believe that he is almost 2! Time gets away from us pretty quickly! We are blessed with wonderful family, friends, and freedom!