Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super 6!

Caleb, here are your 6 month milestones:
-16lbs. 7oz.
-27 inches long!
-you roll ALL over the place like a little roly-poly!
-you always grab your toes and put them in your mouth!
-you sat in your jump/exersaucer for the first time and loved it!
I love this thing!
Oooh, this is cool!
-you don't like to lay down anymore, you want to sit up and you are doing it with some support like the boppy or Mommy's legs.  You are SO CLOSE to sitting up!
-you nurse 4 times a day and probably have around 6-7 ounces each time.
-you have rice cereal twice a day and we will start veggies as soon as Mommy gets it together :)
Ready to eat, Mom!!
-you are sleeping in your room now! You are in bed and asleep between 8-8:30 and you sleep until 6 or 6:30!
-you take 2 naps a day, and sometimes still take a little catnap around supper.  Your morning nap is usually 45min-1hr.  Your afternoon nap is anywhere from 1-2hrs.
-you are quite the mover in your sleep!  One morning, you had turned yourself completely around from how I laid you down the night before!
-you love love love to talk!  You smile at everyone and love to grab hold of our faces when we talk to you!
-you now have your two bottom teeth!  The second one gave you fits for about a week.  You were up every hour at night :(.  We were so excited when it popped through! 4-12-12
-your favorite toy is probably Sophie the giraffe!  You can hold on to her very tight and chew away!
-you LOVE to put everything in your mouth and you are becoming quite coordinated with those hands!
-you are wearing size 3 diapers, 6-12 month clothes, and size 2 shoes!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This World is not my Home

Dylan's favorite thing to do is SING!  We are in constant singing mode at our house.  He sings himself to sleep.  He performs at his piano and microphone.  He plays a game where he hums the tune to a song and asks us to guess the song.  He sang this song in church Sunday night, April 15,  at the top of his lungs.  At the end, someone said "Amen!" and his response was "That was good singing!"  The entire congregation had a nice chuckle, and I was wiping away tears from my laughter.  What a good reminder to have faith like a child!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

We had 2 weekends full of Easter "egg"stravaganza!  We kicked it off with time at Nana and Pawpaw's house the weekend before Easter!  Dylan loved hunting eggs in their giant backyard!  The big eggs were a hit, but so was getting to play with his cousin, Jackson!  Caleb enjoyed relaxing on the back porch, rolling around on his blanket, and playing with his toys!  I think the roly-poly is one of my favorite stages!  He's in one place one second another the next!  
Let's hunt!
Sweet brothers!
Caleb's Easter basket from Nana and Pawpaw!
Love this face!  So excited!
Oh the joys of trying to get family pictures :)
 Dylan and I tackled making Rice Krispie Easter Egg Hidden Treats.  They were quite messy and needed more marshmallows than the recipe called for, but he had fun!  He ate half of the marshmallows that were supposed to go in the mix, and dumped the "decoration" sprinkles everywhere, but that is cooking with a 2 year old!  It was fun and he enjoyed putting the M&M's inside the Easter eggs. :)  We also did some painting and some Easter bunny window clings.

Easter egg treats!
Eggs with M&M's inside :)
The Saturday before Easter, we went to a BIG egg hunt and petting zoo.  Both sets of grandparents were able to join us which was so fun for Dylan!  We took pictures with the Easter bunny, but I don't have them back yet to include in this post.   Dylan loved the donkey, and also chased the little goats around the pen.  "Come "ere" you!!!"
Would NOT pat the bunny :)
but LOVED feeding the donkey some hay!
Ready to hunt eggs!
Such a pro with his REAL club like Daddy!
Just walkin' along!
Too many choices!
All tuckered out!  
Easter morning is HECTIC, but we made it to church just a few minutes late!  The Easter bunny left Dylan and Caleb's baskets on the front porch this year!  Dylan received everything needed to catch bugs!  He was pretty fired up about it! Contents: Bug catching net, binoculars, small lantern, safari vest, clear box for the bugs to live, and a "bug" catching game.  Caleb's Easter basket was definitely age appropriate.  Contents: bibs, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, book,  and teether ring.  We went to church and then to my parents house for lunch and a small egg hunt.

From the Easter bunny! He left it on the door step!
Binoculars and everything needed to catch bugs!
Caleb's 1st Easter! His loot from the Easter bunny!
The teether was a hit!
Our boys!
Handsome 2 year old!
 Easter Sunday! April 8, 2012