Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Break {Staycation}

Even with Dylan only going to school for two days a week, he was very aware of Spring Break. So, we planned some type of activity each day and had our own little Staycation LR! It was fun!
Day1: Museum of Discovery and meeting Curious George. 
Day 2: Children's Theatre to see The Cat in the Hat. It was wonderful! 
Then to Dickey Stephens that night to watch the Razorbacks play baseball! 
Day 3: Play date at Shelby's house. 
And of course quiet time to read to Mommy, "Can you Spot a Jedi?"
Day 4: Rainy day play at the church gym with Pop & Mawmaw
Day 5: First time to LePops Gourmet Popsicles. Daddy met us there!
Date night to see Mary Poppins at the Rep!
Day 6: Ending our Staycation with a family walk to the Old Mill to explore!
It was a lot of fun just doing things in our hometown. Little Rock, you did not disappoint!

Random March Madness!

1. Sis and I took the boys to see Beauty and the Beast at CAC High School. They sat so well and requested pictures after with Belle and the Prince. 
2. We had a day or two without rain, so we enjoyed the zoo and got up close and personal with some grizzly bears!
3. We remembered our green for St. Patrick's Day!
4. Caleb got his acceptance letter for PreK-3 at CAC! Time, slow down! What will I do on Tuesday and Thursday now?
5. Aunt Janell flew into town and said Yes! to the Dress at Low's Bridal in Brinkley. I can't wait to be her matron of honor and be by her side in September!
6. We enjoyed church together, where Jonathan was installed as a new deacon, and then had a great brunch before she flew back to Atlanta!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Preschool Superhero Night

Our Preschool department at church had a Mothers & Sons Superhero Night at church.  We had a blast!  The boys eyes sparkled when they saw me all dressed up.  See, Mommy's can do fun things to!!!!  It was wonderful to have something just for us.  Great memories!

March 13, 2015


Copper Mountain, Colorado
Highest Elevation: 12, 313 feet
March 4-8, 2015
Sleeping from Denver Airport to Copper Mountain
View from our Balcony at Passage Point
Nothing cuter than little skis!
First evening: Indoor pool swim time!
First Morning: Cartoons and the daily news
Caleb's first time down the learning hill!
Dylan's first time down the learning hill!
Family picture courtesy of Mrs. Heather!
1st time on the lift: Mrs. Heather:Best Ski Instructor EVER!
"Daddy, I didn't know chairs could fly?!" -Caleb
About to head down their first green slope: Roundabout
Afternoon movie watching with Mommy while Daddy hit the slopes.
Dinner at JJ's in East Village
Mint Chocolate Chip at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Cookies -n- Cream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Ice cream eatin' by the fire in Copper Village
Mrs. Heather was teaching the boys while we snuck off for a run together!
Mrs. Heather = Rock star
Daddy in his happy place
Mrs. Heather found their cups! She's awesome.  See a pattern?
Saturday Morning game time with my Caleb
Saturday morning ski time for the big boys- 6 times down Roundabout!
Afternoon fun at Critterland!
Snow baby!
Snow boy!
We weren't sure if we were up for some fun or out of our minds to take our boys, ages 5 & 3, to Colorado....on their first ski trip.....without any reinforcements (a.k.a babysitters or grandparents), but we did it!
Was it work? YES! 
Were we tired each and every evening? YES!
Was it worth it? 100 TIMES YES!
We had such fun and made so many wonderful memories taking the boys on their first ski trip!  This was only my 2nd time ever to go.  Jonathan has been a handfull of times in the last few years and has fallen in love with the mountains.  It is beautiful and pretty awesome to see another side of God's creation.  We all were hit a bit by the elevation change the first day there.  Jonathan and I had lots of deep breaths really the entire trip.  Copper is one of the highest spots in elevation in Colorado. We fell in love with our ski instructor, Mrs. Heather.  She has two young boys of her own, and she was a great teacher for them!  We snagged her for a 2nd day after the boys did so well with her on day one!  The boys still talk about the trip and ask us when they will get to go skiing again.  If their daddy has anything to do with it, it'll be next year! (wink, wink)  And by next year, they will surpass ME in their skiing abilities.  That means my boys can go to the top of the mountain, and Mommy can sip her coffee at the base.....wishful thinking.  Until next time...