Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Saturday, September 20, 2014

All About Dylan {in his own words}

Dylan turned FIVE on August 28, 2014.  He answered a few questions for me, and here they are... I definitely couldn't love this boy any more!

 WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?  a trampoline guard
 WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? cracker chicken
TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MOM.  She is sick. (Disclaimer: yes, I am recovering from a bad fall.)
TELL ME ABOUT CALEB.   He is the funniest brother in the world. 

And here are Mommy's thoughts: Milestones I want to remember about you:
1. You take your brother with you to Bible Hour now. When it is your turn to lead a song, you grab his hand and take him with you. I am so proud that you are teaching him how to be a leader!
2. Your swimming skills are amazing! You now can dive for something on the bottom of the pool (the deep end!)
3. You love all things chocolate and sweet. You get that from me. 
4. If you hurt someone or something goes wrong, you say, "I apology Momma." 
5. You are a yellow belt in karate. You now are in the leadership class. You are learning to spar, and you have your first tournament coming up. You LOVE it and are showing growth and discipline because of it. 
6. You LOOK like a 5 year old. You are tall and thin. You still like to pick your outfits and you do a good job of putting things together. You still love cowboy boots and belts. 
7. Uncle Craig got you a skateboard for your birthday, and you can ride it down the driveway pretty well!
8. Your favorite song to sing right now is "The Battle Belongs to The Lord". 
9. No one makes you laugh as hard as your brother. Y'all have a special bond and play pretty well together (most of the time). 
10. You love school with Mrs. Brady. You go two days a week and still love P.E. and Gymnastics. 
11. You are learning letter sounds and you are great at recognizing rhyming words. 
12. You are getting close to being able to tie your shoes. That second bunny ear is still a wee bit tricky. 
13. You have a sweet heart. You love others. You want to be everyone's friend. You and your Daddy are as thick as thieves, but you also have a special bond with all of your grandparents. 
14. You love to go in the backyard and play football or soccer.
15. You also love for Daddy to make up an American Ninja Warrior course to practice on together. 
16. You are interested in bald eagles and snakes. We look for books on those topics at the library. 
17. 5...5...5... Next year is Kindergarten. Sigh. Let's just focus on the NOW, and enjoy it. Slow down Mr. Time, 5 may be Mommy's favorite. 

{Sir Dylan is FIVE!}

I think the day after Dylan's 4th birthday party, he told me for his 5th birthday party he wanted to have a Knight birthday.  He never wavered in his decision.  So, we planned it all out (thanks to my sister and mom again for helping) and had a great party celebrating Sir Dylan Rogers!
We had the party at our house.  All the kiddos enjoyed swimming, eating Chick-fil-A nuggets for lunch, and Knight cake and cookies for dessert!  It was great loads of fun.  I can't believe our sweet boy is FIVE!
Here are some of the birthday decorations!
Pop & Mawmaw built the awesome castle!  It was a fun and festive day!
The birthday boy with his family!
Uncle Craig & Aunt Carole worked behind the scenes making sure the party went off without a hitch!  Dylan sure is one lucky dude!  Thanks to my Sis & Bro-in-law!
His present from mom and dad.  A new plasma car!  He can scoot around in this thing GREAT!  We love you Dylan Thomas!

Conquering Your Fears {and Milestones}

Caleb has walked the "plank" of this diving board over and over again.  He walks to the edge, peeks at the water, and walks back off.  
He conquered his fear and just jumped!  I cheered soooo loud and his face showed all the pride in the world!  Now this little boy is a swimming machine!  He also decided that he now wants to swim without floaties and I can't believe how well he is doing!

August 23, 2014
Also, taking it back a few days before the "no floaties" swim.
August 17, 2014
Caleb's first night in a big boy bed.  (Another pretty huge milestone!)
I think he came out approximately 7 times.  We were patient and just kept putting him back in the bed.  He went to sleep and he is doing pretty great in that full sized bed.  It was my grandmother's bed and I just love the old vintage feel that it has.  His room is decorated in orange, brown, lime green, and blue.  We added lots of "construction" themed details.  He is sooooo proud of his new big boy room and he wants to show everyone that comes over!  He does wake up before 7 a little more often than I would like, but we are still learning I guess!
Puppy is his favorite right now.
Puppy, Baby bear, and Giraffe all tucked in tight.
And this is how he sleeps most nights.  No pillow, on his belly, with his head shoved up next to the pillow.  It's pretty obvious that he is used to sleeping in a crib without a pillow or covers.  My sweet boy.  I honestly couldn't love him more.