Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Disney Day 2 {Magic Kingdom}

Dylan: Space Mountain, Swimming, and Thunder Mountain Railroad
Caleb: Swimming, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain "where you got splashed"

We started our day with breakfast at Chef Mickey!
This was Caleb's first time to meet the Mouse!
What is it about Dumbo? I mean, it doesn't look that great, and then you get on it, and get these smiles...Swoon!
We thought he wasn't going to be a fan of going around in circles, but by the end of the week, we lost count on how many times we rode Astro Orbiter!
They weren't quite sure what to think of Gaston.  Personally, he cracked me up!
Caleb opted out on day 2 of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but my thrill seekers didn't!!!!!
We may or may not have gotten "stuck" for a bit on It's A Small World while in a different country and language.  Needless to say, the "iconic must visit ride" was less than impressive to all 3 of my boys by the time we got off!
Jasmine rocked!
Loved meeting Ariel in her grotto!
Buzz was fun to see in Tomorrowland!
Check out that face on Space Mountain! Pure excitement!

This sweet boy.  He will happily nap anywhere, even though he never thinks he needs one!
We felt like we transported into Fairyland meeting Tinkerbell!  A first for all of us!
We had so much fun meeting Mickey again!  He even talked with us and pretending to be a lion with the boys!  It was too cute!
We had a wonderful spot for the Festival Parade!  I love the little things like Caleb eating his Mickey ice cream!  It was his first one ever!
Captain Hook pointed right at us!
This is their personalities to a tee: One happily intrigued by it all and one yelling and screaming in excitement!
We finished up at Magic Kingdom around 3:00pm and walked back to our hotel.  We took an hour or so to chill off of our feet and then the boys wanted to check out the pool.  I stayed in the hot tub!

We got back to the room and got cleaned up.  Pocahontas was on the Disney channel, and Dad ran downstairs and got us all cheeseburgers for supper!  It was a great ending to our first full day at Disney! Up next: Animal Kingdom!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mickey, here we come! {Arrival and Evening 1}

Arrival and Evening in Magic Kingdom:

Dylan: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Caleb: Same as Dylan, "but it was a little scary"

Caleb woke up this morning, ran into the living room, and declared, "We are going to Disney and we don't have school for all week!"
The boys were great on our 2 flights to Orlando!
 They watched Star Wars while we waited to board in Atlanta!
We made it to the Contemporary Hotel! I spy the Magic Kingdom in the background! Eek!
 Caleb rode his very first roller coaster, Goofy's Barnstormer!  He was nervous, but loved it!

 We also rode the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which Mommy loves!
 Here we are on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  It is so cool at night because you can see all the lights around Magic Kingdom.  Caleb was not a fan.  He said it was dark and scary.
 We stopped for a quick picture of the castle in the background before heading back to the hotel.  We wanted to get a good night's rest before we meet Mickey tomorrow morning!

Gearing up for Christmas!

We have decorated the house and are getting ready for Christmas!  It's the first week of December, and we leave on the 5th for the most magical place on earth!  
1. The Power Rangers put up their felt Christmas tree!
 2. Happy smiles in new Hannah Kate outfits!
 3. Caleb brought home a cooking book that he loved from school and one of the requests was for us to make the Lion bagel that was in there.  He was so proud of our creation!
 4. Dylan was perfecting his selfie with Ben!
 5. BAM arrived on December 1st!
 6. Aunt Carole brought them Star Wars advent calendars!
 7. It is unseasonably hot in NLR, so we went outside and played some baseball!
 8. We celebrated Daddy's 33rd birthday on December 3rd, before our trip to Disney!

Thanksgiving 2015

We celebrated Thankgiving by making our annual Turkey Cookies!
 The boys sat and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade with me and it made my heart glad!
 Ready to go to Aunt Jainie's house for lunch!
 Daddy has the best tickles for the one that is the most ticklish of us all!
 Dylan took a little rest on the sun porch after lunch.
 Happy to spend Thanksgiving with their great-grandmother, Nanny!
Thankful for these turkeys more than I could ever express!