Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craft time with a 1 year old!

So I braved the task of dying Easter eggs ALONE with my sweet 19 month old! He was ready to get to work! Those boiled eggs look SO tempting!His favorite part was to put the color tablets in the water and watch the water change colors!
Here are our eggs soaking up that color!After nap, I let him decorate his eggs. The kit came with stickers, but he did NOT want to leave the stickers on the eggs! So, we decided to color the eggs instead!Here is the finished product! I'm not going to lie, Mommy did a lot of the decorating. He did color a few of them, but he just wasn't in to it very much. We will attempt it again next year when he can help me even more! I will say, he was proud of them. He kept wanting to go over to the mantle to see them and hold them. It was a little bit of a hard craft to do with him by myself, but I learned a few things along the way. I would still call it successful!

Easter Egg Hunting & Baby Bunnies!

We enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt with both sets of grandparents on Saturday! Dylan was ready to go! As you can see, he is about to run away in this picture!
He got to pet real baby bunnies! Well, pet may be a little to nice. We worked hard to pat the bunny, not beat the bunny with our hand. Yikes! Such a boy!This face was for two reasons: #1 He couldn't open the eggs because they had been taped shut! #2 When he tried to open the egg, his finger got stuck in it! Once we got over that, he enjoyed gathering a few eggs! I loved that he got to hunt in his age group 0-2!

He is one lucky boy to be blessed with a Pop, Mawmaw, Nana, and Pawpaw that love him unconditionally! The feeling is mutual!

Hoppy Easter Sunday!

We were all pretty excited about Easter this year. Dylan is the perfect age to be pumped up about eggs, Easter baskets, and the Easter bunny. We started the morning with his Easter basket at home. The Easter bunny brought a basket full of all things Mickey Mouse!
Look at our handsome little boy! Thanks Nana for the Easter outfit!
He was pumped to search for eggs before church in our front flower bed. Here he is in action! He really just wanted to open all the eggs to see what was inside! He found frogs, lizards, and snakes! Fun!
After church service, we headed to my parents house for lunch. Here are Mawmaw and Pop!
Dylan loved his HUGE bubble wand! Pop just recently taught him how to blow the bubbles!
Our family (of 4) on Easter!
After we left their house, we went home and all took Easter naps! Haha! Then we loaded up and went to Nana and Pawpaw's house for more fun! Dylan opened Easter eggs with little army men in them. This is a tradition that Jonathan's Pawpaw started with him when he was little!
He got to test out the new swing set at their house. I must say, it was definitely a hit!
SCORE! 2 points for Dylan!
He is perfecting his golf swing. All I can say, is you better watch out! :-)
He loves watching the "fu-mill" (windmill) at their house! There were a few tears shed when we had to leave. That boy loves spending time with his family!
At 19 months old, Dylan is learning a lot in his Bible class. He started singing this song the other night at supper. They start singing this particular one to them in the Cradle Roll Class. It goes like this: "Read your Bible, pray everyday, and you'll grow grow grow!"
It makes our hearts glad to hear him singing songs about the Lord.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Oh wow, if I hear that phrase at least 500 times a day. Dylan's favorite place to be is outside. And what really cracks us up is that he uses the word p-eease (please) to his advantage. He wants to go outside P-EEASE! He needs his dink a water P-EEASE! He needs down P-EEASE!

Dylan enjoyed a late night outing to the ballpark. I think the Travelers ended up losing, but he enjoyed eating all the junk food imaginable like hot dots, doritos, and cookies. We were in a box and that was fun for Dylan to look through the rail at the "base-balls!!"
Oh man, does he love Pop. He has started crying big alligator tears when we have to leave Pop's house! First time to get ice cream from the ice cream truck! What fun!!! Nana, Dylan, and I walked around the WHOLE neighborhood searching for that stinking truck and he ended up tracking us down by word of mouth from a neighbor. He pulled up into our driveway. How's that for ice cream service!
He spent an afternoon with Nana and Pawpaw at their house. They have the perfect backyard for a little boy to explore! He loves Pawpaw's fu-mill (windmill) and bewd-house! He is such an outside little boy!!!!

Dylan's gonna be a.....

We are so excited to announce that Dylan will officially be a big brother October 29! He and his brother or sister will be 26 months apart. We are excited that they will be close in age! We told our parents soon after we found out, and let the rest of the world in on the secret when I was 9 weeks along. It is very TRUE that you show A LOT quicker the second time around! I didn't feel like I had much of a pudgy belly until 16 weeks or so with Dylan and I noticed major changes with this baby at 9 weeks! Dylan is very compassionate towards little ones. He is concerned when they cry, and he wants to be close to them. Hopefully, this will continue with his new sibling! I have not felt good at all this go around. I was nauseous all day with Dylan and have had those same symptoms with this baby. I also wake up in the middle of the night with nausea which is new, and not so fun, but oh so worth it. At our 12 week appointment, the baby was healthy with a heartbeat of 161 and we saw him/her wiggling around! We were so thankful to God for blessing us with Dylan, and He continues to amaze us even more with this blessing on the way!
Here is what Dylan is doing at 19 months:
New words/phrases:
-"di fun" (this one)
-"pop-top" (pop tarts)
-"puccy dog" (puppy dog)
"who's at?" (Who's that or What's that) usually accompanied by pointing

He has phone conversations with others:
"Hello Dada"
"Payin (playing) wif Mama"
"Yes I do!"

"Hello Mop"
"Payin wif mo-wa (mower)"
"Yes I do!"

-He loves all types of outdoor equipment.
"mo-wa" (mower)
"wash-a" (power washer)
"ba-cum" (vacuum)

Everything has possession. "Daddy mowa" "Pop washer" "Pawpaw ba-low" (backpack leaf blower) "Nana flow-as" (flowers) "Mawmaw house"

Loves to sing and knows these songs:
"Tinkle, tinkle, lil' sta. How I are"
"Read u Bible, pay (pray) evee-day, gow (grow) gow, gow"

We sing the ABC song and he fills in the blanks at these points: "HIKP" "W" "Z"
Knows how to spell his name and can recognize ALL the letters in his name!

He is a joy and we can't wait for him to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!!