Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hooray for the US of A!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! We went shopping for kid-friendly fireworks!
Went to the pool party at the golf course!
Enjoyed patriotic fruit salad!
Had family and friends over for BBQ and sparklers! Uncle Craig is a fireworks master! I'm sure he can't wait for them to get a bit older!
Beau and Drew with sparklers!
Caleb preferred the dirt over the fireworks. His tractor one that he picked out did a weird loud popping at the end and scared him big time. 
Dylan loved it!
Sweet Tess and Lindsey. 
Notice that cautious look on Caleb's face as he watched from afar. 
He decided hide n seek with Pop and Mawmaw was more fun!
Caleb warmed up a bit and did poppers with Aunt Carole!
Yay for red, white, and blue!
Love the Holberts and so glad they came over to celebrate!
We spent Saturday at my in-laws with the cousins. Caleb decided to zip line with Daddy. 
Dylan ate his weight in watermelon. Sweet boy. 

Orange is the New Black!

Well, not exactly. Dylan graduated from his white belt to his orange belt June 25, 2014.  They have a little graduation ceremony. He's on his pursuit to be a "Super Awesome Black Belt!" 

There is such a debate out there about organized sports and athletics for little ones. We decided long ago that we would wait until he was 4 and starting Pre-K 4 to start any activities for him. It worked well for us and I'm glad we stuck to our original plan. He had been asking to do "karatia" for a while now. I called and we signed up for the two trial Tiny Tiger classes. He loved it so much and we were so pleased with the structure that we signed him up for 6 months of classes. He should be a camo belt by that time and we will see if he wants to continue. (I would put money on yes!) 
He goes to Tiny Tigers twice a week, 30 minute classes. The first class he couldn't even stand on his star and pay attention for the entire time. Now he does and has even been asked by the instructor to lead a few drills. We have noticed improvements in manners, helping others, and leadership skills. 
His teacher, Mr. Baez, is 19 years old and from Brazil. He is a World Champion Black Belt and he is phenomenal with the little ones. 
It's a great thing for our Dylan!  He is learning some discipline in an environment that is super super structured and they do not mess around with obedience! 
Love it! 

Caleb @ the Cinema

{June 24, 2014}
Caleb went to his very first movie at the theater It's funny how 2nd children get to to things so much sooner than their older siblings. Dylan didn't see his first theater movie until he was almost 4! 

We went to the $1 Summer movies with the Koone family. We saw Despicable Me 2 and it was great! Caleb sat in my lap the whole time and ate popcorn! I did bring along his blankie and paci and he did need that at the end. He got a little restless! 


Monday, July 14, 2014

"Look, no training wheels!"

{June 22, 2014}
Dylan had been asking us for a while to take his training wheels off of his bike.  He had been doing great on his Strider balance bike.  We went for it and this boy was off!  He never missed a beat.  Daddy taught him how to get on and off the bike and now he flies down the street and around the cove all by himself!  
 Yet another milestone!  

Summer Days are Here! {June}

{Re-cap of June}
Promotion Sunday at church. Dylan to the 4's.  Caleb to the 2's.  June 1, 2014
 We enjoyed the weekend of the PV Four Ball, even if it rained A LOT!
 Wednesday play day downtown.  Shelby girl loves her some water!
 The Levy Preschool Department at church collected money over the year to purchase animals through Heifer International for farmers in other countries.  They collected enough for 2 pigs!  A very fun learning experience and field trip!
 Father's Day
June 15, 2014
I am so very thankful for Jonathan and the Daddy that he is to our boys.  He is awesome!
 In their Sunday best!  These 3 have my heart!
 Walking across the bridge to Bible class!
 Father's Day lunch with Pawpaw!
 Father's Day supper with our Dad.  He's the best.  
Uncle Craig, Dad, and Jonathan.  
Popsicle time at Mawmaw and Pop's house!
 June 26, 2014  We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  This picture was actually from the day after.  We spent the day together and ended it at Ristorante Capeo for some fabulous Italian food. 
 Spending a fun Saturday with the boys eating lunch at All Aboard!
 These kiddos all hold a special place in my heart!  I love them all!  So excited to watch them all grow up together!

All things at the end of May

{Re-cap of the end of May}
Dylan's first catch!
 Caleb's last time in One Year Bible Class.
 So grateful he had Aunt Carole as his teacher!
Dylan's first time to Tiny Tigers Taekwondo Class.  He had been asking to take "karatia".  He got his wish this summer!  (blog post later to give many details)
 Receiving his first belt: white
 Pop and Caleb helping lay sod at my in-laws house!
 Thankful for the relationship between my husband and my daddy.
Caleb sure loves his Pawpaw....and machinery :)
 Helping Nana plant flowers.
 Celebrating Daddy Vell's 87th birthday.  Very special.
 All the little cousins!!!!
Happy Memorial Day!
 Caleb and I started his Water Babies swim class.  
 He enjoys it and I love time with just him!