Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's great to be....

Caleb, you are such a sweet boy full of laugther and love!
Here are your milestones of lately:
~you weigh well over 18 pounds.  we haven't been to the doctor to weigh you for a while!
~you are wearing both 9 and 12 month clothes!
~you are currently getting your 4th tooth!  you have 3 on bottom, and both top teeth are driving you nuts!  the right top one is visible now!  it wakes you up in the night hurting you :(
~without teething, you are sleeping 10 hours at night.  that puts waking up sometime between 6-6:45a.m.  that's not so bad!
~you nurse 4 times a day.  if you take a bottle, it's about 7oz.
~you take two naps a day and last week you started refusing for me to rock you.  i lay you down, and you put yourself to sleep.  another sign of growing up.  each nap is usually between 1-2 hours.
~you love real food!  your crazy mommy is making your baby food (i actually enjoy doing it)  since last month we have added: bananas, peaches, green beans, carrots, squash, zucchini, oatmeal, and sweet potato puffs (as of yesterday)
~you have really become partial to your mommy.  if i am in your room, then i am the only one you want! you reach for me, or grunt, or whimper.  it is pretty silly! you also show us when you just want your daddy!  you are definitely becoming vocal about your WANTS AND NEEDS!
~next on your food menu: plums, cantaloupe, and watermelon!
~you do not like your sippy cup AT ALL! i have tried two different ones and have tried juice and water in them.  you are not interested one bit!
~you love your blankie so very much and love to play peek-a-boo with it!
~you sit up and are so very strong.  you have a crazy reach and will grab anything close!
~you have perfected your army crawl, so now you roll and army crawl everywhere!
~your favorite thing to do STILL is to spit bubbles and vibrate your sweet little lips!
~you have a little attitude! you scrunch up your nose, and squeal when you want more food, when you want your brother out of your face, or when you want something that I won't let you have!  
~you love to pat pat your Bible! and you pat pat as a lefty! 

Ready for church!

We see this face often!

Brothers in airbrush t's! 
 A DAD.....
Well, a little tardy, but we had a good Father's Day!  We spent time with both our dads and then Jonathan got some time with just his boys!  Jonathan and Dylan went to the golf course Sunday afternoon for some special time.  Honestly, their favorite place to be together!
Daddy & his boys!
Pawpaw & his grandsons!
Pop & his youngest grandsons!
Daddy Vell & his great grandson!
Headed to the golf course!
Caleb lovin' on his daddy before bed!

Dylan will be 3 in two short months.  We can totally tell, in good ways and in bad!  He has hit a true jealous phase with his brother, and I have to watch them carefully to make sure that Dylan isn't too rough with him.  He has started protesting at nap time.  Lately, some days he naps, some days he doesn't.  He looks more and more like his daddy each day.  He is oozing with personality, vocabulary, and energy.  He keeps us laughing.  For example, the Waffle House is the "awful place".  He loves the "tractor song" (Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean), the "woo-woo song" (Springsteen by Eric Church), the "Biebs" (Boyfriend by Justin Beiber), and that one makes mommy smile!  And he can sing them all!

1st swimming lesson with Miss Amy!
Such a fine boy workin'!
Looks just like daddy here!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a SPLASHIN'!!

We tried out the FREE War Memorial Splash pad today! It is so so nice! We went with some friends and the boys had a blast! Caleb enjoyed a shady catnap but didn't miss out too much on the fun! We ran through water, tunnels, climbed rocks, walked on the big log like a balance beam, took time to swing, and WORE OURSELVES OUT! Both boys are napping and I am relaxing a little myself! It is the first nap for Dylan this week! He has been protesting the falling asleep thing much to mommy's dismay! Nothing like sun and water to do the trick! Summer fun at its finest!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


JUNE 13, 2012

We kicked off our summer reading program at our local library.  Today the Fire Department came and talked to the kids about fire safety.  STOP, DROP, AND ROLL! They showed a firemen all dressed out in his fireproof suit.  I loved the fact that they did this.  I hear too many times of children being afraid of the firemen, so I think it is important to see them in a non-stressful situation.  Dylan was not scared.  He thought the mask was cool! He asked several times during the presentation, "Can we go see the fire truck?" We made fireman hats complete with sparkles, and got to check out the fire truck!  He even wanted his picture made with the REAL fireman! We picked out a few books, and a movie about REAL fire trucks!  A huge thank you to my mom for taking care of the baby so that I could do this one on one thing for Dylan! Here's to summer!
Fire chief and fireman!
Making a fire hat!
Ready to go fight fires!
Checking out the truck!
Caught ya!
A REAL fireman!
Waving at us from 75 feet!! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Morning Scene

We are having a great Saturday morning! I can't believe Caleb is sitting up so well. He is SO into toys now! He also tries to grab or scoot to anything his brother is doing! Dylan is enjoying our version of Go Fish! He makes matches and mostly makes incorrect ones and thinks its hysterical. Headed to the golf course at lunchtime for my Uncle Mike's Memorial Golf Tournament, then to our cousins baby shower tonight! We love family days!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lazy Thursday

We are having a day at home. I think it is the first morning we have relaxed in a while. Caleb had fever, 101-102, on Monday. The Dr said it was a fever virus. So, Dylan went with Pop to work Monday and then to Searcy with Pop and Mawmaw on Tuesday. They fished at the farm and visited Uncle Mac. He gave Dylan the Sponge Bob tie and yes, he proudly wore it yesterday to Target! Caleb was back to normal yesterday! He only ran the fever on Monday but now Dylan is running 99-100. He doesn't act miserable like the baby did. Wish us luck all cooped up till we are fever free!! We are discovering toys we forgot we had at our house! Kinda refreshing!