Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, February 28, 2014

Look who's 4 1/2!

So full of energy. So full of sweetness. A little micheivous and a lot loved. 

Another milestone hit as this boy turns 4 1/2! (February 28, 2014). 

You like:
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Power Rangers 
-Angry birds
-Riding your bike 
-Jumping on the trampoline 
-PB&J sandwiches 
-Turkey sandwiches w/cheese & mustard
-Fruit. No veggies please ;)
-Going to the bookstore 
-Soccer & Football w/ Daddy
-Being a cowboy
Your personality is contagious. You tell us everyone is your friend. You aren't afraid to try new and daring things. 
I am thankful to call you my son. Can't believe we are getting closer now to being 5!

A fun day filled with {LOVE}

Valentines Day has always been fun for me. I like wearing red. I like flowers. I love my husband. But after kiddos, we have a lot more love floating around and that is awesome! The boys enjoyed their treats from Mommy and Daddy. 
He's all about football these days. I saw this purple one (school colors) and couldn't resist!
And Caleb is still loving all things tractor/construction. 
Dylan worked hard on getting his Valentines box ready for his party at preschool! 
He was also super specific on how he wanted his Valentines to look. (Red with stars for the boys/Red sparkles for the girls). He spent a lot of time writing their names and his name on the back. Sweet. Sweet. Boy of mine. 

Passing out his valentines at the party. 
Enjoying some sweet treats!
He loves Mrs. Workman!
It was a super busy day! And I am learning that Valentines day is a BIG deal when you have kiddos! But I loved all of it. Sharing moments with my boys never gets old!
Dinner as a family and treats from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh! A tradition we started a few years ago!
I think he LOVED it! ❤️

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cupcake Wars

Our church had it's very first Cupcake Wars! Our children's minister has the greatest ideas to foster family fun with church fellowship! You entered as a team of 2 (Mommy and Dylan). We baked our cupcakes together from scratch! The icing was homemade as well. Dylan had so much fun helping and putting all of the mini Reeses cups on top! We took them to church and a group of adults voted on 1)presentation and 2)taste. We got tons of compliments on our icing.  Then every family went back to church that evening to announce the winners and eats those cupcakes! And Dylan won a ribbon! SOOOO much fun!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

WCDN: {What Caleb's Doing Now}

Well, at this exact moment, Caleb is napping. But I wanted to capture a few of his milestones and funnies as of late:

You have an obsession with "bebe beeeaaarrrr!" He was inside your Stuffies puppy dog that you got from Pop & Mawmaw for Christmas. He fits in your hand and is with you everyday!
You would prefer to just run around in your diaper all day if I would let you!
You love driving the tractor but you are NOT good at steering! It means more work for Mama!
You also love "Mc Mc Stuffins". We now have several books and we are constantly playing doctor! 

Your love language is most definitely "touch". I try to focus on that and remember it at the tough times like when I'm cooking supper or I feel like I've been used as a jungle gym all day. It's how you show love and you need it right back in return to feel secure.

You love to eat....still. You are a fan of anything and you LOVED the banana cream pie at Big Orange. I'm not sure if you liked the actual shake more or pulling the straw out of the cup. Silly two year old boy!
You love your "Di-wan". You look up to him. You follow him around. You laugh when he acts silly. You even tried to wear his cowboy boots the other day. Yes, you do fight with him, and you can hold your own, but at the end of the day, you ask to kiss him goodnight. I love watching you and your brother become best friends. 

You are acting like a two year old. Oops. If you get angry, you will yell "I nevah!" (I Never). It's super hard not to laugh. 

You still use an -f for -s blends. 
"Mar-fellows" (marshmallows)
"Finkles" (sprinkles)
"Jack farrow" (Jack Sparrow sword)

This happened 1-28-14:
While reading to you and Dylan, you turned around to me and whispered in my ear "I Wuv you."
It melted my heart. I think it was the first I love you that wasn't after I said it first! 
That night:
At bedtime I usually say a prayer and then you list all you are "thank you for..."  You said, "I do prayer".  You covered your forehead/eyes with both palms open and said 
"Dear God, thank you for people thank you for food, thank you for err-body. Amen"
Then again "Dear God, thank you for Di-wan, Pawpaw, and Mommy. Amen"
Then once more "Dear God, thank you for sun-sine and my bed. Amen. 
Oh, your newest is jumping with two feet off the ground! You are sooo proud!
The tractor/digger/dozer obsession continues. Mommy loves you Caleby! Can't believe you are almost 2 years & 4 months old!

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a New Year!

We had a low key family New Years Party. We sat down and everyone shared their goals for 2014. We certainly will be doing this every year! 
We had supper, enjoyed watching Snow Buddies as a family, baked chocolate chip cookies, and had a DANCE PARTY! Hands down, may be my favorite New Years Eve to date!

Christmas {Nana & Pawpaw's house}

A fun Christmas celebration with Nana & Pawpaw!
 The boys racked up on new color by number books (for Dylan) and books about trucks and diggers (for Caleb!)
Dylan got a Power Ranger bullzooka and Caleb got Mickey Mouse Fire House!
 Dylan enjoyed opening up gifts with Jackson!
 The big hooray was outside!  A John Deere gator for both boys to ride!  Caleb was hanging on to the safety bar!
 He got his turn to drive!
He was bringing Dylan back up to the house.  They like to play doctor and carry the patient back up to the hospital!  Imaginations at work!
We enjoyed the day!

Christmas {Pop & Mawmaw's house}

Train table from Pop & Mawmaw!  
 And of course it had to be set up immediately!  One day it will make it to our house! 
They also love their Bogs!  They had to wear them in the house and they were them all the time!
And Caleb insists that his pants be tucked inside at all times!
Who knew a little one would love "Stuffies" so much!  This puppy was stuffed with all kinds of little cars and diggers.  It also contained baby bear, which is now his friend at nap and bedtime. 
 I love seeing them play with Daddy Vell, their great-grandfather!

Christmas morning!

I love waking up on Christmas morning and waiting to hear the door open from Dylan's bedroom.  I love the excitement, anticipation, and joy on his face.  He just couldn't wait on brother to wake up before he went to see what Santa brought him.  (Can you blame him?) 
Santa delivered his request: a real bow and arrow
And he is quite the shot!  He can penetrate the target with his arrows! Yikes!
Each year, he goes shopping with Daddy to pick something out for me.  This year, I got a hairbrush, a red scarf, two pairs of socks, and some reindeer slipper socks.  He is the best!
 He was pretty pumped about his Power Ranger suit from Mommy and Daddy!  He had to wear it to open his books!
 Our sweet boy has already outgrown his 12" bicycle!  Mommy and Daddy got him the next size up!  He is seriously going to be riding without training wheels in no time!
 Santa also delivered Caleb's request: a digger!  It is battery operated and has a functioning bucket! 
 He was excited about the new Hot Wheels bath toy for him and his brother!
 Mommy and Daddy got him Dudley the Dump Truck!  He loves it!
 Not pictured: Daddy opening up his scarf from Dylan!
We enjoyed apple dumplings and homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
I love spending Christmas morning at home with my boys!
My favorite picture of Dylan and his gift from Santa!
Caleb taking advantage of his digger from Santa outside!