Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My God is so BIG!!!

Dylan learned this while we were on vacation. His Pawpaw taught it to him. The video is classic Dylan. He had to take a moment in the middle of the song to flex his muscles. Oh, the busy mind of a little boy!

Dylan is showing me that he is almost two! I can't take my eyes off of this 22 month old for more than a second or something like this happens:

(Mommy goes in to get Dylan out of his crib after a long nap)
Mommy: "Hi Dylan! You slept so well!" (I proceed to pick him up and notice a naked back-side)
Mommy: "Dylan, where is your diaper?"
Dylan: "In da bed."
(Mommy goes to look, and there is the diaper, and the bed is soaking wet....)
No more naps in just a diaper!!!!!!! RASCAL!

He has also started referring to me as Mom in a slightly Northern drawl. "How 'bout dis one, Mom?" or "Are watchin Mom?" He does this with Dad too..... FUNNY BOY!

We Love Daddy!

I like to think that Jonathan enjoyed a Father's Day "week" instead of just one day, since we had been at the beach for 7 days! I hope that he had the chance to relax, but he chased Dylan around in the sand for 7 days, so I am not sure if you call that relaxing! Anyways, we celebrated our Daddy on Sunday all day long! These are my boys before church...We ate brunch just the three of us, and then rode around in the golf cart for a while. It is one of Dylan's favorite things to do! It is also one of Jonathan's favorite places to be. Win..Win..
We even took a little pit stop to check out the ducks by the pond!
After brunch, we all got afternoon naps! (Insert large smile from this pregnant Momma!) We then went to the pool for a late afternoon swim!

I enjoyed getting to spend the day with my 2 boys and being thankful for the Daddy that Jonathan is to Dylan. Dylan is lucky to have him as an example, and Caleb will be too! It was rare to get to do just what "Daddy" wants to do for the day, but he is oh so worth it!

"Go to da Beach Dad!"

Gulf Shores June 11-18, 2011 Our beach vacation in pictures:

On our trip down to Gulf Shores, Dylan kept saying, "Go on twip Dad, go to da beach...." Little did he know, he was about to have the time of his life!

Dylan's first look at the beach this year! He was mesmerized by the crashing waves. He said "sca you" (scare you) at first, but warmed up to it all pretty quickly!
We hit the beach the very first day we got there! I am very thankful for this husband of mine!
Family photo! Look closely and you can see Caleb, too!
Hands down, Dylan's favorite thing to do was build "san castles". He loved watching Daddy build them, and then he would crash them and say "Woops!"
He loved the sand! He laid down and rolled in it quite often. He thought it was really cool for Daddy to bury him in the sand, too!
Eating dinner at the Hangout was fun. Definitely a kid-friendly environment!
We went out one evening after supper to walk the beach with our boy. It was a little early to search for crabs, but we did anyway. This is an action shot of Dylan yelling "Hey cabs!"
Oh man, sand is just so much fun!
He got pretty brave as we got closer to the end of the week. He started jumping off the side of the pool, instead of just from the steps. Our little fish!
Daddy doing "motorboat" with Dylan!
Family self-portrait on the beach one evening!
We took these very early one morning. We were all up and decided to just go ahead and have our photo shoot! Thanks to Pawpaw for being a trooper and taking the pictures, and Aunt JuJu for getting Dylan to smile! It takes an army!
One of my absolute favorites from our trip! I love that his sweet little hand is covered in sand as he waves to us!
Whoaa, Caleb sure is growing (a.k.a. Mommy looks bigger in this picture). I love these boys so very very much!
Next year, we will have one more set of footprints in the sand. Blessed....
Here are a few videos that capture Dylan's joy this trip!
1. Jumping in the pool.... 2. Running and laughing in the sand....

Dylan is going to have a...


We had a great doctor's appointment at 20 weeks and found out that our house is about to be bouncing with little boys! We know that Dylan is going to be a great big brother, and I can't help but think what mischief these two will be in as they grow up! I also believe that they will totally support each other and stick up for each other throughout their lives! I guess because of all the media attention, my mind drifts to Prince William and Prince Harry- close in age, close friends, side by side. And if I do say so myself, I think of my boys as my little princes already!

This was actually at 16 weeks, but it's a good profile....
20 weeks, little hands (right side of the picture)
We got to have a few 4D shots. It is a little early for that, so he still looks a little "alien"-ish, but I still can make out that SWEET face!

We also chose a name....Caleb William. Why? We liked Caleb and thought it sounded good with Dylan. William is my dad's middle name!

Monday, June 6, 2011

What we do @ 21 months!

Here are a few of the fun things that Dylan is up to these days:

-You will answer questions appropriately: "Ok" or "No"
-You talk in phrases and sentences! Here are some favorites:
Daddy stawt (start) that blowa (blower)!
Dink (drink) a wata (water) pee-ase!
Look e d-a-r-e (there)!
Na-ner (another) one!
Sketti-detti (spaghetti)
Gonna hit dat (that) ball!
A hepa (helper) bi (I) bi (will) be! phrase from Bible class
I see you Aunt Cawul (Carole)!! or any other person he is hiding from
-You've really gotten into throwing and kicking a ball. You kick your soccer ball and say "Goa" (goal)!!!
-You say pee-ase after just about everything. Especially after something that you want!
-You can say the entire poem "Ride a horsie down to town, careful horsie don't fall down!"
-You can count from 1-14!
-You know when you are hungry and are specific on what you want to eat. A favorite right now is peanut butter and jelly! You also are lovin' strawberries, bananas, and chicken nuggets!
-You still love to sing! You have several songs that you know:
Twinkle twinkle little star
Rock a bye baby
Read your Bible has been a staple for a while now!
ABC's (but a little mixed up)
-Mawmaw taught you how to shake your booty and it is pretty funny to watch!
-Everything ends with -ed. "Daddy stawt-ed (started) it!" "Go mowed"

Memories for Memorial Day!

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend extravaganza! I am still trying my best to take it a little easy with this pregnancy right now, but that didn't put too much of a damper on the fun!Dylan's cousin, Nathan, was in town, and he came over for a playdate! I think if they lived closer, they might be trouble for sure! Nathan repeated every little thing Dylan did! Ahh!
We ate lunch with the family at the lake for my Daddy Vell's 84th birthday. This is ALL of his grandkids together! Very cool memory to have captured!
Daddy Vell holding his great-grandson!
After the lake, we went to Nana and Pawpaw's house to play. I took a nap inside, ha!, and Dylan played his heart out in their BIG backyard. He loved throwing rocks in the creek with Nana and JuJu.
This is what we got when I asked him to pose for us and say cheese behind the blower. Ha!
I sure do love that little boy!
His Pawpaw and Daddy were putting in the pool so he got to help fill it up with water!
Back at home on Monday, he got to go "fimmin" (swimming) in his little kiddie pool.
He also loved helping Daddy wash cars!
I really need to post his milestones, but will save that for the next one. The boy is talking in phrases and 4 word sentences, no lie!

Hudson Visits!

We were so excited that Jenn, J.J., and Hudson came to visit May 12-13! Dylan and Hudson are only 3 months apart in age, and they have so much fun together. We certainly wish that Little Rock and Ft. Worth were a little closer!

They played in the tent together!
We read Mickey Mouse books!
We got a "decent" picture of us together!We visited the Nature Center in downtown Little Rock to see the fish and Arkansas wildlife!Can't wait for the boys to play again!