Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lovin' the farm!

All I can say is this Mama lives with B.O.Y.S!!! Dylan has had the chance go to the farm a few times with his grandparents. Of course, he had his duck hunting gun and cowboy boots! 
Love this picture in the sunflowers...
I spy a tiny hunter!
And now he is a tired hunter!
Caleb's first time on the bulldozer with Pop!
The boys and their grandpas! 
What a cutie! (and a climber)

And while we continue with the "Southern" theme, Dylan had his first s'more! I grabbed the supplies on the end cap at Walmart and we fixed them inside due to the rainy week here. He loved it (even though the candle didn't work very well) and he never knew the difference! -July 22,2013-

Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Boy 'n Boots!

Dylan is the PROUD owner of his first real pair of cowboy boots! He had been wearing a pair of his cousins' old boots that he had outgrown. We knew it was time to get him his very own. We went to Crossroads Western Wear in town and he picked these! We bought them July 8, and he has worn them probably all but two days since! I will say they are SUPER soft and he loves to be a farmer, hunter, and cowboy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Fireworks!

We spent the morning at Nana & Pawpaw's house.  The boys played golf, jumped in the bouncy house, and Caleb spent tons of time in the sandbox.  He LOVES the sandbox!!!
 oh...and Dylan loves him some watermelon!
A little time at the park....

 And their first ever experience of fireworks AND staying up late.  We took baths and headed out to the golf course around 8:00.  I couldn't believe how well Caleb was doing since he is in the bed at 7:30 each night.  I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more, us, or the boys.

 Jonathan and I found total and complete joy just watching their faces.  I loved seeing their sweet smiles and the "awe" in their expressions.  I also loved seeing the light of the fireworks "light" up their sweet baby faces.  Call me a sentimental mom, but it was truly something I don't think that we will forget.  At one point, Dylan laid down on his stomach and propped himself up on his hands to watch.  Then, Caleb did the exact same thing (with blankie and papi, of course).  On several occasions, Dylan came up to us and hugged or necks and said, "Thank you so much for bringing me to the fireworks."  Mission.  Accomplished.  They were both asleep in seconds in the car and both slept in a bit.  It took Dylan till about lunch to recover I think.  He was a zombie and even had a low grade fever.  Then after lunch he was fine.  I'm not sure what that was all about, but I think it may just be because his body had NEVER been up that late!  And he may just be like his Mama, and not do well with late nights! That wouldn't hurt my heart one bit.  This night was truly a "treasure."  I am documenting it all so that I won't ever forget what we all felt.  But I am pretty sure it's something this Mama will remember (sans blog post) forever!

 Here they are looking up at the fireworks:

Monday, July 8, 2013

What he's loving right now! (the big boy)

1. You are ROCKIN' the diving board here lately!  You jump off over and over and over again!  You also love the swirl slide and do it without your floaties!
2.  You are all about dressing yourself.  On average, we go through 2-3 outfits a day, right down to the shoes!  Most of the time, Mommy even let's you go out dressed as you wish. (most days, eh-um)

3.  Right along with dressing yourself is dress-up.  You enjoy transforming into pirates and super heroes most!
4.  One of your favorite meals Mommy cooks right now is cracker chicken!  You ask for it pretty regularly!
 5. You also love breakfast casserole!
6.  And thanks to summer, you are all about some watermelon!
7. These Usborne sticker books are awesome!  You love to do them during bedtime routine with Daddy and during big church.  Overall, you just love to craft!
 8.  You are also loving your new Bible for the Preschool department at church!  You and Daddy read from it every night before bed!
9. You are into Sofia these days!  You watched an episode with your Pawpaw the other night and I am not sure who laughed harder!
10. And even though you seldom get to watch it (all fighting shows are off limits due to a unique transformation into these creatures) you love some "In-ja turtles!"
Love you Dylan and your energy and excitement for everything you do!  You ooze joy and it is most definitely (tiring) and contagious!

What he's loving right now! (the baby)

1. This book with the sweet babies inside! You love the page that says: "Yea! I can say, I'll share with you!"  You laugh at the boy and girl rocking on the horse together!
2. You also are real into this book and "Geo-wge"!  You will say "I do it!" and you want to move George from page to page.
 3. Yes, you are still in love with the vacuum.  You have this one to play with but you also love the real vacuum, the shop vac, and the hand vacuum, too!
4. You will eat your weight in lasagna and have a real big messy saucy face afterwards!
5. You have followed in your brother's footsteps and love to eat fruit!  You enjoy strawberries and "gapes" most!
6. You still love to watch Praise Baby.  We haven't watched in a few days, so I am sure your face will light up and you will say, "Baby!", when we do watch it!
Love you Caleby!

Monsters University!

Dylan went to his first "theatre" movie June 29, 2013.  Nana came over and watched Caleb so that we could have a Daddy-Mommy-Dylan date.  Those special times don't happen as often as they used to, but we sure try to make sure that they still do!
Ready to go in....
Sitting on his "booster' seat and ready with his 3D kid glasses!
 Just too excited!
We chose Monsters University because it was the first in a long time that has been rated G!  We had hot dogs, popcorn, and gummy snacks.  ($$$, but totally worth it!)

He LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  Who are we kidding?!  We all 3 LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

Here are a few fun phrases that we always want to remember from your very first movie at the theatre!

"Why do we have to buy tickets?"
"Is it the biggest TV ever?"
"Mom, they are coming right at me!" (because it was also 3D)
"This is the most fun ever!"
"Thanks, that was a blast!"
After the movie, he saw Mike & Sully on the back of a cereal box at home.  They are now cut out and on our fridge!  What a cute movie that the whole family enjoyed!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Video!

Here is the video from our beach vacation.  It's kinda long but I had to include everything.  Looking at this makes me want to take the boys back tomorrow!  We made lots of memories for sure!  I will return with a post of my favorite pictures at some point!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

20 months, really?

Mommy is forever going to remember you at this age.  You are such a bundle of energy and joy.  You get excited about everything.  You try to repeat anything and everything that your brother is doing!  It is so fun to watch your big blue eyes light up at new discoveries!  You love to snuggle, you love to be held (still mostly by me), you love to vacuum, and you have discovered your love of singing!  
When you are out of milk or water, you say:
"Mow sum-pin, Mama!" (More something Mama!) 
You love Nelli and constantly say:
 "Ge, Neh-nee, out!" (Get Nelli out!) 
"Neh-nee, hus!" (Nelli, hush!)
 You wake up in the morning and ask:
"Whea, Dylan?"
You also love to take something to Dylan or Mommy and say:
"Hew go Dylan!" or "Hew go Mama!"
You love to do a "pageant" wave and say:
 "Hi, Dylan!"
A few of Mommy's favorites:
"Paw-tub" (bathtub)
"I do it!" -somewhat annoying but cute 
"I on't wike it!" (I don't like it)
You love to sing along to Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker.  Your favorite part to sing is "Heeeeaaayy, Mama rock!"  You also sing along to "Jesus Loves Me" "Twinkle Twinkle" "Who loves Caleb?" to name a few. 
Mommy can't keep up with all the new things that you are saying anymore!  You come up with new sentences daily!  You can even do a forward roll!  You can say your own name: "Kay-lub"  You also know that Dylan is your "bru-der" but sometimes when we read stories you say that the "bacuum" is your brother.  You are still a "bacuum" nut!
You weigh 23lbs 6 oz and you are 32 inches tall!
1. Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: your favorite song!
2. Saying "Hi, Dylan!" which is one of my favorite phrases you say and you say it a lot!