Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

18 months and Independent!

It is hard to believe that our boy is already 18 months old! He is full of life, energy, and independence! I found this outdoor playhouse at the Rhea Lana sale. He loves playing in his "box"! Exciting find!You can't have much more fun that toolin' around in a suitcase! Check out the hair! It is getting long and he has curls! Melts.Mommy's. Heart.He even prefers to be independent on the golf course! He wants daddy's golf "cub", not his plastic one, and he wants to do it ALL by HIMSELF!Walking the practice range with Dad!
Dylan, here are some milestones at 18 months:
-You are becoming highly independent! You want to do everything by yourself!
-You are communicating your wants and desires more fluently with your words!
-"See him, Pop" told me this on the way to their house
-"Righ thea" (Right there) this is how you point things out to us!
-You are using your helping verbs these days!
-"He-pin" (helping) You like to help mommy do the "launin" (laundry)
-"Lo-vin" (loving) You say this followed by someone's name and you give a big hug!
-"See-pin" (sleeping) You think dogs and people are always asleep!
-"Lau-fin" (laughing)
-You love animals and you love the zoo!
-"Gi-waff" (giraffe)
-"E-wants" (elephants)
-"Go-ra-ra" (gorilla)
-"Buwds" (birds) they always say "teet-teet"
-Yes, you still pitch fits every once in a while!
-You LOVE playing with "stick-as" (stickers) Our budding artist!
-You are going through a phase of being a picky eater, mainly at lunch, which is hard for mommy because you usually eat ANYTHING!
-Knows his "bown" and "geen" crayons!
-You no longer walk places, you RUN!!!!!!
-Your coordination is improving! You can stomp your feet, and you are getting the hang of puzzles!
-You honestly will repeat anything we say, and you will say something that we didn't even think you knew about! Such a smart boy!
-Other fun words:
"coman" (penguin) and you can "wad-u, wad-u" like a penguin, too!
"hammy mammy" (Handy Manny)
"dis" (this) telling us "this" is what he wants
-We say, See you later!, Dylan says "A-ga-ga-gu" (Alligator)
-He can say his own name, pronounced correctly mind you! He recognizes himself in pictures and in the mirror. It's not just a "baby" anymore!


Like I said, he loves "stick-as", Mickey, and friends! 2-28-11

Dylan was pulling out all the stops today! He enjoyed looking at his new placemat, and learning where he lives! Sweet voice! 3-1-11

This boy is loads of fun! He makes me tired by the end of the day, but it is oh so worth it! Happy 1 1/2 birthday Dylan Thomas!


So our new love is the zoo! I know that the Little Rock Zoo may not be the best one out there, but our family knows no difference for now and we love it! We got the pass for the year, and have already enjoyed the zoo twice! We went with Tera and Porter one morning for a play date. The boys loved RUNNING around!And of course, the play date couldn't be complete without a game of peek-a-boo!
We also went this past Saturday morning. We decided that 9:30 is a great time to be there. It isn't very crowded, and ALL the animals were out! Dylan loves the "gi-waff!"
The sloth bears were being very friendly. He loved being so close to the "be-as"
His ABSOLUTE favorite thing at the zoo is the "go-ra-ra"! He loves to sit on the back of the pretend one, but he will watch the "go-ra-ra" and "monkey" all day long!
We also got to be close to the "e-wants". This elephant was giving himself a mud bath! This boy was completely zoo'd out! What a fun Saturday! We plan to be visiting the zoo a lot this spring and summer. The penguin exhibit opens up next weekend! Woohoo!

"Happy-times" Day!!

Dylan officially named Valentine's Day "Happy-times" Day. Every valentine he got in the mail was a new happy-time to enjoy! We had a great day together. It was beautiful outside and we spent most of the day outdoors! We had a little photo shoot, picnic lunch on a blanket in the front yard, and then enjoyed the evening with Daddy!Daddy asked what I wanted to do for the evening, and my wish was to spend it with my 2 most favorite boys! I cooked a pot roast with carrots and potatoes because they both absolutely love it! We also had special cupcakes for dessert from Cupcakes on the Ridge! I got some beautiful yellow roses with pink tips from my valentine! He LOVED his strawberry cupcake! Happy-times Day to you!