Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oops...23 months

came and went, and Caleb will be two on Thursday.  But here are a few pictures from his little 23 month photo op.  *Sniff, sniff.  My baby is almost two!
It was a little work getting a smile!  It was CHILLY outside!
 There is is!
Off looking for leaves!  You love to be outside!
 You love to walk up and down the bridge!
 You want your chainsaw with you all the time.  Inside and outside!
 You got to ride shotgun in the super racer for the first time at the Finley's.  Mommy was a bit nervous, but you stayed seated and loved it!
You love to go running with Mommy.  You will see the jogging stroller and say, "Momma go runnin'. I go Momma runnin"!"
 You like to hold my hand down the slide.  You are not quite as adventurous as your big brother!
 You enjoyed your first carnival ride!  The cars at FUNLAND in Burns Park!
 You L.O.V.E.D riding the helicopters with Dylan.  I will always remember your sweet, shocked, and excited expression when those helicopters started rising up!
 Mr. Fox slept with you in your crib for the first time.  You told me, "Fox in bed."  (Request granted.)
Did I mention your love for the chainsaw!?! 
 You finger painted for the first time!  You had a love/hate relationship for it.  You kept digging your fingers in, but you wanted me to clean them off pretty fast!
 You were showing Dylan your messy fingers!
You are starting to show a few signs of that two year old mark.  You are funny.  You think of silly things to do like this.....
A few favorite phrases:
"Let me do it!"
"Let me down!"
"I do it!"
"I see Dy-wan!"
* You really are saying everything.  You are cautious and funny, my son!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


September 22,2013
Our children's ministry had a Sunday tailgate party at Burns park! We missed the tailgating part due to Caleb's nap, but we didn't miss the rides! This was our first trip to FUNLAND and it was quite....FUN!

Dylan's first ever carnival ride was the Scrambler! I was nervous, but he loved it and rode it again! (So, not my child)
Caleb and I kept things a little more calm. He enjoyed the merry-go-round,
and the train. 
Dylan did the mini Ferris wheel!

Caleb loved the cars!
I love this picture! Dylan was "driving" the plane and as it starting going up, Caleb made this sweet, excited expression!
I have a feeling we will be visiting FUNLAND more and more! The boys loved it, and Daddy and Mommy did too!

This little piggy....

went to his first Razorback game!! 
September 7, 2013 Hogs vs. Samford
We were so happy Pawpaw got to join us! Dylan couldn't believe all the people tailgating as we walked to the stadium!
My loves! (Minus one)
He loves his Pawpaw!
This was his expression as the band did their grand march onto the field! He also was a star at calling the Hogs!
Dylan"isms" from the evening:
"Sometime when I get bigger I will play for them. "
"I want a football helmet w no straps."
"I wanna watch them kick it through those "lellow" bars."
"I want to come to this again!"

The Hogs did win!