Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Smatterings

I'm back to attempting to blog at least monthly and then when we do fun individual things as well. Here's what an unseasonably warm January has looked like around our house:

It started out pretty chilly this month. They got to wear their hats I bought at the street fair in New York City. 
We spent a lot of days in our jammies playing board games. Caleb loves "The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel"!
I was entertained with a puppet show while Caleb napped. He has started setting up "stations" for us to go to during Caleb's naps. 
This was another "station". I taught him how to play Old Maid, Slap Jacks, and Go Fish. 
Caleb filled up his bedtime sticker chart and got to go to Daddy's construction site and ride the equipment. I would like to say this totally solved our "getting out of bed at bedtime and yelling 1000s times for Mommy" problem, but the struggle is still real. We have good and bad "bedtimes" these days. 
Dylan celebrated his buddy, Hoover, turning 5! He had a blast with all the BOYS! 
Our preschool wing at church just received a major renovation. It's now called Levy's Little Ones. It's breathtaking. It showcases all things that God made. There are so many textures and things to touch. My pictures don't do it justice. 
Dylan celebrated the 100th day of school. He took 100 buttons to class. 
Caleb filled up another weeks worth of stickers and got to return to Daddy's construction site. This time, he helped drive the dump truck. Love this shot of my boys. 
This one. He's started giving himself new names depending on what he is doing. Most days he is "Collin", the deer hunter or the football player. Other days he is "A.J." like the boy on Blaze and the Monster Machines. He told me one day, "I'm not A.J anymore, I just want to be Caleb William Rogers. He's fun. He's a 3 year old turkey. He has my heart. 

I continue my half marathon training. I'm happy with how my times are shaping up. I'm excited to do the race, but then slack off from the 5 days of running a week. I'm gonna start a new exercise program and then run one day a week. 
Caleb had his admission interview for CAC Pre-K 3 next year. He passed. (Haha). I am going to be so lost on Tuesdays and Thursdays next year when they are both at school! Yikes. He can't wait to go. But because he is my baby, I keep remembering the title to the children's book "Let me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It seems I blink my eyes and .....
This boy has read the first set of 12 BOB books. That was the Beginning Reader set and Mawmaw picked up the next set for us to start! We are so proud of our little reader. Short vowel "e" trips him up a bit, but he's doing so great! He loves to read so much. 
We have had a string of warm days. We spent one afternoon at the zoo with our friends! The kiddos were running around like crazy. I think they were all so excited to be out! We are headed to the park this afternoon and then the last few days of the month are supposed to be cold and rainy! Thanking God for the sun we've had. It does a body good. Especially this Mommy with 2 busy boys! 
Beau and Caleb. Buddies.  Can't wait to see them grow up together.  (that hand...)

Monday, January 26, 2015


-another year ends and a new one begins-
we celebrated with a new year's eve party just the four of us
-party poppers-
-light up party hats-
we are thankful for health, life, and Jesus Christ
2015 resolutions:
daddy: focus on being the best daddy to our boys
mommy: be present as a christian wife and mommy
dylan: be better at ping pong and hug my brother more
caleb: jump on the trampoline better, hug my brother more, and that is all the things
really, these are things that we strive to do each and every day.  we are looking forward to what this year brings. we plan to remember to thank God first and foremost in the good times and the bad.
cheers and blessing in 2015

Texas Bowl 2014

The Razorbacks played Texas in the Texas Bowl on December 30, 2014.  The game was in Houston at Reliant Stadium.  We had the privilege of going with some of our best friends and a few of Jonathan's co-workers.  We were amazingly surprised at our seats.  Front row, baby!

We went to Lupe Tortillas right after we landed.  Some of the best Mexican we have ever had!
Go Hogs!
Front row with Drew and Lindsey!
Brandon Allen doing some warming up. 
Reliant Stadium was amazing and the Hogs beat Texas! 

Santa visited the Rogers house!

Cookies for Santa. 
Dylan's picture for Bam to give Santa. 
Presents wrapped and ready. 
Santa brought Dylan's Marble Excelerator. 
Santa brought Caleb's monster tow truck!
The downstairs surprise....
Arcade basketball goal! 
Ninja turtle sewer built by Uncle Craig. 
Christmas 2014
We had a wonderful Christmas morning.  We opened presents, ate cinnamon rolls, apple dumplings, and enjoyed seeing the boys play with their presents.  We got ready and went to Pop & Mawmaw's house for lunch with the family.  We celebrated with Nana & Pawpaw and the cousins a few days later.  I know I will miss this age at Christmas time when they are grown!  Soaking it all up now!

Christmas Card 2014

Here are the pictures we used for our Christmas card this year.  I really can't believe how fast these sweet boys are growing up!
I found these Christmas "shu-penders" as Dylan calls them, at Holiday House.  I thought it was the perfect idea for the boys and our card this year.  
That boy on the left.  He was showing his true colors and 3 year old personality.  Oh he keeps us on our toes. 
I also had to throw in this one of our house that was taken.  We've been here 8 months and we are really enjoying it.  The boys asked me the other day, "Mom, is this really the house we are going to be in forever?" Ha! "Yes, my sons, you will be here until you graduate high school!"  There actually is something pretty grand and comforting to be able to say that.  Especially coming from a Mommy who does not like things to change.  More memories to come! Yippee!