Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Craft #1

This was our first craft for fall! My mom found this neat Mickey Mouse Count Dracula that you stick in your pumpkin to "decorate" him. It was a fast and easy craft, but perfect for the just turned "2" year old. It didn't require any clean up and it didn't make a mess! Start out with the basics! Of course, he was most excited that it was Mickey, and yes he did try to eat the "cump-kin". He was helping me push Mickey's hands in. Working so hard!
Just about done!
Ta-dah! Our Mickey Mouse Count Dracula "Cump-kin" is now proudly sitting in the center of our mantle surrounded by fall garland and more pumpkins! Yeah for fall!
Looking forward to cooler weather, baby Caleb making his arrival, and more fall crafts with my little boy!

Hey, Mr. Rain!

We got a nice little rain one day last week. Mom was here and asked me if she could take Dylan outside to play in the rain. Cool Mawmaw, huh?! I was good with it. She took some precious pictures of him playing in the rain. He LOVED it and wasn't real thrilled to come back inside, but we decided that it was necessary since he was totally soaked and cold! He was fascinated by it all. He waved to the rain, and just loved playing in it! I was glad it didn't make him sick!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Football, Mowing, Golfing, & Play-doh!

Here is what our family has been up to the last few weeks....
Jonathan went to the Razorback game in LR, and Dylan and I cheered from home! Mom got me this cutie maternity t shirt to wear! :-)
Trying to get a good picture with Pop!
and with Mawmaw!
He was in the middle of showing us his dance moves!
He needed a close up view of Joe Adams, of course! (If you are an eye doctor, please flash forward from this picture quickly!)
The morning of game day, there was some mowing to get done!
He used his mower for a while "like Daddy!"
I just love this little boy!
Not great of Dylan, but he was sporting his golf hat that just now fits!

It is special because it has his initials on the side of it -DTR!
He's ready to play!
His Daddy has a matching one that has his initials-JTR!
Craft time with Aunt "Cawul"! Making homemade play-doh!
Hard at work stirring it up!
Making this play-doh ball blue!
Working so hard at cutting out his shapes! This was our first time to do play-doh and he loves it!
Daddy Vell (his great grandpa) came over and made him a play-doh hat!
Here lately with our 2 year old:
-His imagination has started running wild! He goes around telling us he is looking for cows and pigs! He calls for them and sometimes they even get trapped in his crib! I am pretty sure he DID NOT get his imagination from me! He also told me the other day at lunch that there was a big dinosaur behind me! Creative little boy!

-I was cleaning his hands and face up after dinner this week. He was still sitting in his high chair, so he was eye level with my preggo belly! He looked at it, then up at me and said, "Mommy, you big!" I DIED LAUGHING! I said, "Yes, son, I know!" Out of the mouth of babes comes the OH SO HONEST TRUTH!

-Time out has become a lot more effective now that he has to sit with his nose in the corner. Don't really know why I didn't think of that sooner!

-He is really into dinosaurs right now! Dinosaurs and Curious George!

-Jumping is all he wants to do! He mastered jumping 2 footed right before his 2nd birthday. He is pretty proud of himself!

-He discovered "Little Stein-steins" (Little Einsteins) on Disney the other day. He likes to watch it for his morning cartoon sometimes, but it still hasn't taken the place of Mickey.

-Vocabulary continues to soar! He talks in sentences all of the time now. It seems like he picks up new words daily.

-Mawmaw (my mom) is teaching him how to spell Caleb with a little song and he is getting quite good at it!

-He is cutting his 2 year molars and I don't think they are ever going to come in. I think he may have one all the way through. One down, three to go. YUCK!

-He is a pretty fun little boy and we are lucky to have him in our lives!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

He's 2! Part III: The "REAL" Birthday!

So, Dylan's actual birthday fell on Sunday! This was before church. He was being quite the little ham!He got to pick Sunday lunch, with a little help from Mommy. The choice? McDonald's of course!We saved our gift for his birthday until the actual day. He got a new hedge trimmer with actual sounds and movements! He was ready to "go cut the trees wif Dad!"
He also got a mower just like Dad's! It even has a pull-start cord, and yes he knows how to do it!
Here is the Birthday lunch video that my brother-in-law, Dylan's Uncle Craig, put together! He is so talented with this kind of stuff! Why does he love this McDonald's? It has a basketball goal and he can go "shoot hoops!" (Remember to pause the music box on the left of the page!)

This little boy is quite the blessing in our lives! We have had a memorable 2 years and look forward to watching him grow! Happy Birthday to our big boy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek that I just received from our photo shoot for Dylan's 2 year/family/maternity pictures ALL-IN-ONE! I absolutely love all of them and can't wait to see more. I know there are a lot more shots that she got, especially of my big 2 year old cheesin' it up for the camera! Enjoy the peek!