Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Friday night was our annual Easter Bunny picture!  Both boys were excited to visit him this year, unlike Caleb screaming last year!  I'm sad that we didn't get a picture with Shelby and the boys all dressed up! 
Saturday morning, we headed out for the annual Easter Egg hunt!  We have started a tradition of doing this with both sets of grandparents and then eating brunch afterwards.  
 He loves loves loves bunnies.  He fell in love with the one from our Spring Mini Session, and was equally as excited with this one!  A bunny wouldn't be such a bad pet....well....not any time soon!
 Caleb & Pawpaw ready to hunt!
 Dylan & Daddy! They hunted in separate age groups this year.  (Sniff, sniff)
 I love how egg hunting shows their personalities.  This one: slow, steady, and just a few eggs. 
 This one: running, excited, searching, filling his basket up!
 Not the best picture, but he was focused on his basket 'o goodies.
 Well, Nana & Pawpaw, we tried!
 They love their Pop & Mawmaw!
The Easter bunny arrived with a Jake themed basket for Caleb, and a Lego/Ninja Turtles theme basket for Dylan!
 He dropped their gifts off on the front porch!
 Only 2 pieces of candy in the entire basket, and that's what he grabs first.  He does love food.
A little lego fun before church!
We had our families over for Easter Sunday lunch.  It was a lot of fun eating together, letting the 4 boys hunt eggs in the front yard, and just spending time with family.  Nothing like it!
 Aunt  JuJu helping Caleb find eggs!
 Boy cousins!
My grandparents enjoying the day!  Lookin' good!
 My sister and bro-in-law! 
 My parents with one of their "older" grandsons!

Easter Week! {Crafts 'n Cooking}

Dyeing Easter eggs!
 Painting eggs! Nothing sweeter than chubby little hands!
 He was proud of his CAC colored egg!
 Decorating the dyed eggs with Peter Rabbit stickers!
 Our eggs!  Only a few have cracks ;)
I had seen several different things on-line for empty tomb rolls to enhance the story of the Resurrection.  We had a great time doing this and the entire process really helped Dylan to comprehend the story better!
1.  We read the story of the Resurrection in Dylan's Bible. 
 2. We rolled out the tombs (biscuits).
 3. We covered the marshmallows (Jesus) in oils (butter)
 and spices (cinnamon and sugar)
 4. We laid Jesus down on the linens. 
5. We sealed the tomb and then dipped it in some more cinnamon and sugar.
 6. We baked them for 14 minutes at 350 degrees, and then we opened them to find the tomb empty!
What a fun week mixing a bit of Easter truth with Easter make-believe!


April 15, 2014
Dylan's Gymnastics Program
CAC: NLR Campus
Their t-shirts were too cute.  They said "What does the fox say?" CAC Gymnastics Rocks!"
 Warming up and stretching!
 Great landing!
 I would be so...dizzy...