Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eight GREAT Months!!

Well, we are starting off our eight months with the first ever ear infection. Dylan woke up from his nap on Tuesday with 102.2 temp and I immediately called the doctor. Hope the "pink stuff" clears it up quickly because we have our first beach vacation in 10 days! Dylan weighs in at 16 lbs. and 13 oz. He has gained a pound in a month and we can all tell!
Dylan, here is what you are LOVIN' these days:
You still love bath time! Now you have enough hair for it to go CRAZY afterwards! :)
You LOVE Nelli! You like to look at her through the window and you really like to touch her.
You absolutely have a blast playing chase. Daddy loves to play too! When we say, "I'm gonna get you..." you immediately take off in a different direction!
You love to pull up to the window and watch outside!You used a sippy cup for the first time (4-18-10) We try it a few times a day, and you are really getting the hang of it. You like white grape juice and Mommy likes that the Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup truly is SPILLPROOF! Thanks Tera for the heads up! I am glad that I noticed Porter uses these cups. They are great! You enjoy being outside more than anything! I think that you would stay out there all day, everyday if we would let you.
Other milestones:
-3 more teeth! Yes I said, THREE! Your two front teeth came in, as did one more on the bottom. That brings the grand total to 6 with one eye tooth almost through on top!
-You FINALLY did pat-pat the Bible in Bible class. You have been doing it at home, but not in class! Yeah!
We leave for Gulf Shores next Friday. I can't wait for Dylan to touch those cute little toes into the sand for the first time. I wonder if he will like it?!?
Beach bound,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's A Hard Knock Life...

for us!! Since Dylan is now mobile, we have been experiencing so many bumps on the head. In an earlier post, I did mention his first big boo-boo. Well, in the one week since he has began to crawl and pull-up, I believe the grand total of injuries is at least four. And ALL to that sweet head! I can be sitting right next to him while he pulls up on the table or crawls to a new toy, and I STILL can't keep it from happening! I do believe I am experiencing a lifetime of the phrase "You hurt when your kids hurt". I always heard my mom saying that even as an adult. If I was sad, she was always sad with me. Not that I didn't believe her, but I did think she was making too big of a deal about it. NOW I GET IT! Each time I feel responsible and sad! I will say Dylan is one tough cookie. The big boo-boos do produce serious pain and tears, but the minor stuff like bumping his head on toys doesn't phase him. What a tough, strong boy! I'm sure these injuries will pale in comparison to those to come in the future. BUT, it is still a big deal to this Mommy right now. Part of raising up boys = a hard knock life!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seven Months: Soarin' and Explorin'

I cannot believe the milestones Dylan has reached as he begins his seventh month of life. It is almost like a light bulb just clicked on in his head. I have enjoyed each moment, but right now we are having TONS of fun!!!!! These are your golfing overalls! You are ready to take your "First Golf Bag" and hit the links with dad!We met Daddy at Burns Park for a picnic lunch. This was your first time in a baby swing, and I think you would have stayed in it for hours! :) (3-30-10)

Dylan, here are your 7 month milestones, and it's only been a week!!

-You started "army" crawling! (3-29-10)
-Soon after the "REAL" crawling began! (4-6-10) and this picture, taken 4-8-10, shows that you are going EVERYWHERE on your hands and knees!!!
-Tooth #3 is through on the bottom and it bugs you! (4-6-10)
-You can mimic mommy and make a fish face! (4-5-10)
-You can "pat-pat" the Bible. It is your favorite Bible class song. Your face lights up when we start singing it. (4-5-10)
-You love your new baby swing!!! We decided to get you one after our trip to the park. I bet we will be out there LOTS this summer :) -You are pulling up from your belly to your knees while grabbing the table or anything you find interesting! (4-6-10) You use your other arm to balance yourself, and I think it looks like you are getting set to "ride a bull" at the rodeo. :)
-You recognize your name when someone says it and you turn your head to see.
-Occasionally you whimper if mommy leaves the room and you can't see me!
-You are quite a ham, you have learned how to make that spitting/blowing noise with your mouth. And yes, you do spit at us when you do it!!
-You love bubbles! You follow them with your eyes and reach for them when Daddy blows them at you!
-You met a new buddy: Hudson Cole Magbuhat (5 months old). You played well, but you wanted to grab his face :) Hudson is Jenn's little boy (a great friend from college). (4-2-10)
-You celebrated your 1st Easter (4-4-10). We ate lunch at Mawmaw and Pop's and then played outside at Grandma and Grandpa's.
-You got your first boo-boo. Learning to "pull-up" has its downfalls. Daddy and I were watching you pull up on the tv cabinet and you took a header into it. You now have a blue/purple right eye. But as you can see, it only lasted for a few minutes. Mommy still feels rotten about it!
I could truly keep going about our sweet boy that is growing up so fast! We cherish each "new" step, and thank God that we can see him "soar and explore" his way through life!

Smiles and Daffodils

My mom and I took Dylan to Wye Mountain on March 23 to take his picture in the daffodil fields. I hadn't been there since I was 3, and mom either. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Dylan was full of smiles, and of course, he tried to eat the daffodils. We got some great photographs of him. I think the bright green was a perfect choice. When we got back to the car, Dylan "showered" the inside of the car during his diaper change. Mom and I just stood there laughing hysterically. I mean, "What do ya do?" All boy!

A few weeks earlier, I enjoyed my 27th birthday as a mommy! Dylan and I spent a good part of the day with my mom. We had a family dinner at Saddle Creek. It was a special birthday because it was shared with "Mommy's New Man"!

Dylan also sported his "green" for St. Patrick's Day:

New Milestones:
You can sit up ALL by yourself! You are steady and strong! (3-17-10)
You also get in the "hands and knees" crawling position and rock back and forth!
Your main way to travel is by rolling everywhere! We call you the "roly-poly"!