Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Busy Busy Beginning of June!

June kicked off with the PV Four Ball (see previous post), and then Vacation Bible School overlapped with the end of golf.  We also had Dylan's last T-Ball game thrown in there before we left on vacation to Watercolor with friends.
VBS ready in their Star Wars t-shirts!
Tropical Smoothie got me like...whoa!
VBS: Jesus is Everything!
They learned that Jesus protects, rescues, heals, and teaches!
Dylan had his last T-Ball game of the summer!
We have been so proud of his progress, especially since it was his first year, and he was playing on a team of boys that had played two seasons before him and were almost all one year older!
Feeling so incredibly blessed by my family. 
Even in the busiest of weeks, we took some time to laugh and relax together.  We both cherish one-on-one time together which doesn't happen very often, unless little brother is napping!  He can frustrate the living daylights out of me, but I can't imagine my life without him in it.  He made me a Mommy.  He's full of question, wonder, energy, and a pure heart.  He's been so busy with activities lately.  I have to stop and remember, he's still just a little boy, my little boy.

PV Four Ball 2015

This year was such a blast at Four Ball!  We look forward to this weekend every June!  Nothing better than best friends, lots of golf, and babysitters! June 4-7, 2015
The boys got drawn for the Shootout for the first time in 6 year!  It was fun to watch them play.
Pawpaw joined us Sunday afternoon to watch the final match!  It was super hot, but my littles did great!  Pawpaw was such a great help at "trying" to keep them quiet during the round.  We stayed through hole 10, but then had to head out to Vacation Bible School.  Caleb fell asleep in the golf cart and Dylan fell asleep in the car on the way home.  They slept all the way home, while I changed clothes, and I had to wake them up in the church parking lot!  Jonathan and Matt lost on the 18th hole, but they played some great golf (and lots of it) this weekend!

Promotion, Parties, and Playdates, Oh My!

Memorial Day: chilling out after their first swim
Caleb's graduation from the Nursery Dept. at church
Sno-cones after T-Ball!
Daddy Vell's 88th Birthday party!
Promotion Sunday: Dylan to the 5's, Caleb to the 3's!
Playdate at Fellowship Church Water Day
 Lunch at Heights Taco & Tamale with Daddy!  He is taking off one lunch per week to take us out or come eat a sandwich with us at home this summer.  Yippee!
 Fishing at the farm with Poppy!
 First daytime swim with Mom! These boys are fish and Mommy LOVES it!

I Can.....

Tie My Shoes!!!

Our sweet boy has been working on and off for quite a while learning to tie his shoes.  He would get so frustrated because it's a hard thing to learn and he wanted to do it immediately.  Learning to tie when you are left-handed proved to be a bit more difficult, but we sat down with him (and his new Reebok tennis shoes) and this time it clicked!  I think Daddy wins the prize for helping it stick today!  Way to go, Dylan! We are very proud of you!
May 25, 2015

Fort Morgan, Alabama 2015

My in-laws asked us to join them on their beach vacation this year!  It was a pretty easy "yes", even though we already had our summer vacation planned for later in June!  We went down with Pawpaw and Nana and then Daddy got to come down on Wednesday and spend a long weekend with us all!  We had a great time.  Dylan and Caleb both LOVED the beach this year.  Dylan loved learning how to skimmer board and boogie board thanks to Pawpaw.  Caleb tried it some, but he would rather build and dig in the sand.  I am so very thankful for such wonderful in-laws and grandparents for the boys.
To say the boys loved the water is an understatement!
Fun activities included: Putt-putt golf including Caleb's first hole in one, feeding animals at the zoo, Joe Patti's Fish Market, more putt-putt,  Matt's Homemade Ice Cream, The Track
We were pretty excited when Daddy showed up mid-week! But Nana & Pawpaw are the best!
Close-ups of us from a fun week!

What a great trip!