Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Track Attack and Field Day!

It is pretty fun to get to volunteer and be a part of things now as a parent at CAC.   Dylan had a blast at Track Attack at the high school.  He played all kinds of games and got his face painted.  Field Day was also a blast!  Dad came and helped me set up our tent for Kindergarten.  Dylan was on the green team and enjoyed relay games!  Caleb's class did activities like a bounce house, basketball goal, hula hoops, and bubbles.  The school got to order Chick-fil-a for lunch, and then we left school to head on our long weekend adventure to St. Louis!

Miss Montgomery was our Kindergarten class student teacher.  TrackAttack day was her last day with them!  They definitely liked her!
Selfie with Mrs. Brymer at Track Attack!
Field Day!
 Selfie at snack time with Caleb!
 The bounce house was fun!
 Dylan was having fun during the "Swim Clothes" relay!
 Then he was in a 3 legged race! Go D!

Mother's Day 2016!

We were actually out of town on a long weekend over Mother's Day, so we celebrated with our moms a little bit early.  I also got to attend Kindergarten's "Muffins with Mom" which was very sweet and sentimental.  I could not imagine God blessing my life anymore than He already has with these two boys.  They are my life.  It is my job each and every day to take care of them, protect them, teach them, and love them.  It is the hardest job I've ever had but it also is the most rewarding.  I thank God for giving me Dylan and Caleb each and every day.

We love Nana!
We love Mawmaw!
 What a gem to find of me and my Mama Dot a LONG time ago!
These boys are a blessing!
 I love them more than life itself!  To the moon and back! With my whole heart!
 Muffins with Mom with my favorite Kindergartener!
 Caleb's artwork he made at school for me!
 Sweet things from Dylan at our brunch!
 Daddy helped the boys write notes to me! I cherish them so much.

Go Braves!

Dylan had his first tee ball game of the season.  He is playing for the Braves this year and his coach is our longtime friend, Brandon Grice.  He has a lot of friends on his team and that makes it more fun to play and watch!  He is running faster, throwing better, and catching better this year!

I ran across this picture and had to include it.  One of his first baseball experiences watching the Travelers play. April 14, 2011
 Look how he's grown!  What a handsome young man!
 I love that his name is on his uniform and that he can carry his own bag!
Snow cones are one of the best things at a tee ball game!  Enjoying snack time with Blakely and Hoover!

Rock City Regional Karate Tournament {Go Dylan!}

This was Dylan's first karate tournament to compete as a Junior in the Novice division.  Besides having to wait almost all day for his turn in the karate ring, he did a great job!
 Sit like a black belt...
 Ready to spar! 
This boy placed 2nd in form, 2nd in weapons, and 3rd in sparring!  So proud of you my Red belt!

Caleb's FIRST EVER T-Ball Game!

Go Indians! April 22, 2016

Thanks Coach Jay and Coach Daddy for teaching us the game of baseball!
 A few people in his cheering section! Not pictured: Mommy, Dylan, Uncle Craig,  Nana, and Pawpaw
He is a natural and had a blast.  He did a little dance on 2nd base and it is on video.  This boy may be our baseball player!

April 2016

I'm not sure we've every seen a busier April now that both boys are doing school activities and both are doing tee ball this year!  It is fun and busy and full of memories!

Gymnastics programs at school!
 Carrie Underwood with my favorite!
 Just because they were cute in the drop off line on a rainy April day!
 Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo!
 Jonathan and his game face as head of the kitchen for Community Day at church.
 JDRF Gala with my besties!
 We can dress up!
 The crew! Friendships that get stronger with time, truly a gift!
 Caleb in his visor he made at Bible hour.
 A little Sunday afternoon golfing.
 This sweet boy loves playing board games.  This day: Star Wars Trouble
 I flew to Atlanta to see Janell and help her decorate their new house!  It's so nice!
 We went a LITTLE crazy on our shopping outing!
 Of course we got a little work out in as well.
 While I was away, the boys did BOY things, like golfing...
 church selfies....
 bedtime snuggles...
 driving at the farm....
 and fishing.
 Mommy got home and it was business as usual.  Caleb let me drop him off in the line and Dylan helped him at his cubby.  My heart bursts for these two boys.
 Caleb got some new flip flops for the summer.  He is pretty proud.
 I don't actually remember why he was shirtless, but he made this face and said, "What? It's not the weirdest thing I've ever done!"
 The ice cream truck visited for the first time in APRIL!
 Dylan lost his 2nd tooth (a bottom one) at school!  It was loose and Miss Montgomery (their student teacher) pulled it for him!  At dismissal, I'm not sure who was more proud!  She said she could officially consider herself a teacher because she pulled her first tooth!
 Caleb's Pre-K 3 field trip to the zoo!
 Popsicles with our feet in the pool!
 Baby robins in our bush in the front yard.
Kayaking with Daddy!
 Then they decided to swim for the first time this year! April 30th!
Too cool for school.  A young Eric Church....