Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, May 25, 2012

How are we to 7?

Seriously, how is this little baby doll 7 months old?
Caleb, here are your 7 month milestones:
-You weigh 17lbs. 6 oz.  (That's one pound gained in one month!)
-You recognize your name!
-You can put your papi in your mouth all by yourself!
-You can sit up UNASSISTED! And you are getting better at balancing, but we still keep close by for those times when you topple over :)
Look at that fuzzy hair-do!
-You reach for the people that you want to hold you!
-In the last two weeks, you have become seriously attached to Mommy.  You cry when I leave the room or your line of sight.  You sometimes cling to me when someone else reaches out to hold you like, "Are you kidding, I'm not coming to you!"
-You do your own version of a scoot it army crawl if I put you down and you see something you want out of reach! It is so cute!
-You are into solid foods big time!  We didn't start until 6 months, but you have tried avocados, sweet potatoes, and green peas.  Bananas are next on the menu!  You eat 2 meals a day.  Lunch: veggie/fruit and some rice cereal.  Supper: Rice cereal
Sweet potatoes, YUM!
The not-so-sure avocado face :)
-You still nurse 4 times a day.  Mommy has started giving you a bottle at your morning feeding because you are so pokey and SLOW!
-You have started with the sweetest little talk!  You say: "Dada" "Wawa""Yaya" and I am pretty sure yesterday I heard "Mama"
-You smack your lips and still love to blow/vibrate those lips and spit!
-You take 2-3 naps a day.  You sleep for 10 hours at night!
-You LOVE your brother and LOVE to take baths with him!  You laugh at him when he makes a silly snake noise!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beach babies!

We had amazing time at the beach! We stayed in a new condo that was great for our family.  It had 2 outdoor pools, 2 outdoor hot tubs, and an indoor pool.  Dylan experienced THE TRACK for the first time and I think he would have rode go karts all night! That's a beach vacation tradition his dad started as a youngster.  My parents arrived a few days into our trip and stayed with us.  We were also there at the same time as Jonathan's family so we spent time with them, too! Caleb seemed to be a beach bum for his 1st trip! Another water baby sounds good to me! Enjoy the pictures!

My parents & the boys

Dylan getting Pawpaw! 
Little crabby boys ;)

Such a great swimmer!

Daddy and his baby boy!

Mommy and HER baby boy!

1st time to touch the sand!!

Ocean waves are FUN!

Sweet sunny smile! 
Sandcastles with Daddy!

My favorite guy!

On Mother's Day!  Blessed!

Sweet lovin'!

Definitely a catch :)

Family pictures!

Sweet sweet Caleb!

Getting SO BIG!

Handsome Dylan man!

He loves to run!

Bumper boats were WET!

He LOVED the go karts and still asks to go to that place so he can go round and round again!

Pawpaw and Nana loving on Caleb!

The "America" round with Mawmaw!

He LOVED his googles so much!

Snack time poolside with HIS Poppy!

Caleb splashing his Daddy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

He loves....

the ice cream truck,

making music and singing,


the creek, 

his Mommy, 

but mostly his baby!
Dylan, 2 years and 8 months!