Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Months and Full of it!

Yes, at 5 months old, our son is FULL OF IT! He has so much personality. He smiles constantly and loves to play! I wanted to share Dylan's 5 month pictures. We have introduced a few new toys at our house: the activity jumper, and the johnny jump up, He likes both of them, but hasn't quite figured out the whole "I can use my legs to bounce" concept. I guess these toys are one way for him to figure it out, along with how to hold his body up better.

Dylan, here are milestones that we are noticing:

-You are reaching for things and grabbing your toys. Everything you hold or even your hands go to your mouth!
-You can pull your pacifier out of your mouth and put it back in!
-You rolled from back to tummy last month, and this month tummy to back. 1-30-10
-You are starting to take a little bit longer of a morning nap in the swing, so Mommy can get some things done around the house!
-You like to grab Mommy's hair.
-You think its a game when Mommy or Daddy get close to your face for you to open your mouth and bite our nose! And yes, those two bottom teeth are sharp!
-You love to stick your feet in your mouth!
-You are finally figuring out that your elbows help you hold your head up when you are laying on your tummy.
-You like to sit up or stand up.
-You can follow us around the room.
-You continue to become more and more attached to your blankie!
-When you aren't happy, you arch your back and scoot around, we like to call it the "Buckin' Bronco"
-You laugh when we tickle your tummy and squeal with excitement when something is funny!

We did a few of his 5 month photos for Valentine's Day, since it's just around the corner!
Can you see his two bottom teeth in this one?

I loved his expression in this one with the puppy. So sweet!

Such a happy baby!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up

The holidays were such a busy time that I am just now getting around to blogging and boy have we been busy this last month! Dylan will be 5 months old the end of January! I think that the time between his 3rd and 4th month he has done the most "changing". He rolled over for the first time (back to front) 12-10-09, started sleeping in his own room 12-9-09, cut 2 teeth 12-30-09 & 1-4-10 (yes I know that's incredibly early) and began eating some rice cereal 12-28-09! He smiles ALL THE TIME, and is truly the happiest baby on the block! Christmas was so much fun with him, and I can't wait to spend the holidays with him when he actually understands what is going on!
Such a happy family!

Christmas morning!

Enjoying his gift from Santa!

Not sure about that rice cereal, hmmmmm... The next few I took for his 4 month pictures.

Check out those 2 teeth coming on through! :)

Gonna be a duck hunter like Daddy, Pop, and Grandpa!

Happy New Year!