Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Sunday, August 28, 2011

He's 2! Part II: Birthday Party!

Dylan's favorite thing for the past 6 months or so is Mickey Mouse. So, I knew that would be perfect for his 2nd birthday party! Here is a look into the party in pictures:
Aunt Janell once again flew in from Atlanta to spend a long weekend with us and celebrate with Dylan. She was a such a big help! Love you Janell!
Uncle Craig and Aunt Carole got Dylan his very own work bench, with a custom tool belt! He LOVES it!

What is more fun than balloons?!
A look into the food, and decorations:

Opening gifts was a little bit overwhelming! He wanted to open each toy and it was a little bit confusing for him to have to move on to the next present. I would love to hear tips on how to make this a less stressful experience!
On to the food! We had "Hot Diggity Dogs" for lunch!
Mama's boy :-)
Getting ready to sing!
He wasn't sure what to think with all of his guests singing Happy Birthday to him!
Great picture my mom captured!
Uncle Bob!
Dylan's Great Grandparents!
Cousins! Tanner,
Dustin and Logan
A shout out to Dustin's girlfriend, Velvet! She carried my camera all morning long and got some great pictures! My mom and Velvet were troopers! Thanks for all the great pictures! Couldn't have captured the memories without you two!
Love this picture so much! My parents with their 4 grandsons! Look at all these faces!
Yes, we did enjoy some fabulous cake!
Opening his goody bag at the end of the party!
Brady checking out his new Mickey Mouse ball!
Porter digging in to the loot!
This is the only way we could get a picture of 3 two year olds at once! Sit them down, and give them something to open!
The party was lots of fun! Stay tuned. Part III: His actual birthday-day next post!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

He's 2! Part I: Swing Set!

Dylan's birthday weekend begins! The grandparents went together and got him a swing set! It was delivered and put in place Friday night. This little boy had the TIME. OF. HIS. LIFE. helping the big boys "wok hard" (work hard) fixing it just right!
Pop and Pawpaw assembled it at the shop in 3 big pieces, then brought them over on a trailer to assemble in the backyard.
This little solemn face sure does melt my heart!
Dylan seemed to enjoy hanging out in the trailer most of all! He kept calling it the "tractor."
As you can see, he had to be in the middle of putting it together. He carried around a shovel, screwdriver, and anchor bolt.
Testing out the monkey bars with Pawpaw. He will have to grow into this part, but he has already mastered the little rock climbing wall that gets him to the wavy slide!
Dylan overseeing Pop's work! Haha!
He sure does love his Pop and Pawpaw. Thanks to Pop, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, and Nana for the AWESOME swing set. It fits perfectly in our backyard, and Dylan loves it! I can't wait to spend many days out there once the fall weather rolls around! Mommy and Caleb can watch Dylan play! We are truly blessed to have such great parents and for Dylan to have such special grandparents!
Part II: Mickey Mouse Celebration, next post!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Dylan has definitely been showing me lately that he is an almost 2 year old! Oh my! He has started testing us a little. He wants to know his boundaries and if they are going to be the same every time! I guess that is a lesson we all must learn, I am just trying my hardest to be consistent (way easier said than done)!

Here are his milestones, favorite things, etc....

-GOLF! I know it has been mentioned before, but he loves to watch it, read about it, and play it!
-NURSERY RHYMES! He loves to read about them, listen to CD's, and recite them himself.
-Favorite:"Baa, baa, black sheep, ha di wool, yes sir, yes sir, pee (three) bag full. And you mastu (master), and you dame, and you lil' dame-dame-dame (boy that lives down the lane)"
-Other favorites: Old Mac Donald had a farm, Humpty Dumpty
-NO! He just knows what he wants and doesn't want! What can I say, sometimes it is nice, sometimes not so much. :)
-GROWTH SPURT! He must be in a growth spurt! He is napping longer and he is a great little eater! We try to give him 2 choices of entrees for breakfast and lunch so HE gets to choose. He ALWAYS knows what he wants! Lol! Favorites right now: yogurt, spaghetti, chicken pasta, beans, corn, fruit, oh and chocolate chip cookies! Thanks Matt and Lana for the pizza and cookies, the chocolate goes great in my hair!!!!
-WOODY! We have discovered Toy Story and Woody. Oh man, what awesome movies! He loves Woody and Buzz! "To finit (infinity) and bond (beyond)!"
-EVERBODY, EVERDARE (EVERYWHERE)! Basically this means "someone else's". For example: "Everbody, everdare's mowing" "Everbody, everdare woking" So funny!
-ALL DAY! He uses this phrase all the time! "Daddy's woking (working) all day!
-POTTY! He pee pee'd in the potty for the first time on June 24th. He showed interest, so I sat him up there. He was so proud of himself. However, we haven't progressed past the occasional success. He isn't ready, and I am not going to push him.
-DO SELF! Oh this phrase shows so much independence! He wants to do most things by himself!
-ME-NAC DONALD'S! Or as we refer to it: McDonald's. He is in love with pancakes and sausage for breakfast. It is usually a Saturday morning treat from Daddy!
-SO CITING! (So exciting!)
-DELISUS! (Delicious) We cracked up when he said this!
-He speaks in sentences and has great comprehension with stories!
-The complexity of sentences he says is increasing:
"Go eat chicken nuggets at Daddy's wok (work)!"
-If I ask, "Who is in Mommy's belly?" He says, "CALEB!" He also felt Caleb move for the first time July 31st! He jerked those hands back toward his body, and looked at us like WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!!
-He took his first 9 hole ride on the golf course with Daddy and Mommy! He did great! We are teaching him about golf etiquette!
-RAIN-IN-TAIN! (orangutan)

Gearing up for his 2nd birthday! It is almost here!