Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

February Fun Days

Here is what our end of February looked like:
Caleb learned about the Chinese New Year and tried (pretend) sushi in PreK-3.
 Q and U got married in Kindergarten.  There was a wedding ceremony and everything!  Dylan escorted Sloan to the big event!

 Caleb was the angel in the fire with  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
 Dylan woke up early one morning before school and finished "Mercy Watson takes a Ride."
 I enjoyed sitting with Dylan in chapel, per his request.
 Daddy had a great annual work ski trip to Telluride.
 Caleb and I enjoyed an outing to Panera.  He always chooses Broccoli Cheese soup. 
 We had TCBY treats after school one day!
 We busted out the playdoh one day for Caleb.  He had a blast with it!
 We celebrated Teacher Appreciation week!  Here the teachers are with their golden apple trophies!  They are a wonderful group of Christian men and women that take care of our children everyday!
 Daddy took us to the baseball park to practice!  The boys did great!

 Our neighborhood park got a remodel!  It is very nice and now we have two boys that are tackling the monkey bars.  Oh. My!
 Shopping with my littlest.
 Hanging with Daddy while he is outside working Ben at the park.
 Sweetest boy puppy ever.
 Literacy Night at CAC was fun!  Dylan dressed up as Mercy Watson and Caleb was Leroy Ninker!  We got to see their art work and we shopped at the Book Fair!

 Caleb loves the Lincoln Logs at Pop & Mawmaw's house!
 This boys is officially 6 and a HALF! 2-28-16
 We met Daddy after school one day at MoJo's for some ice cream!
We are ready for spring!

Happy Times Day! {2-14-16}

We had lots of fun Valentine's Day activities!  Caleb chose Paw Patrol valentines. 
Dylan chose Star Wars valentines. 

 We had special donuts before party day at school!

 They both worked really hard on their boxes.  Dylan's is Alvin and the Chipmunks.  It's their rock -n-roll stage!  He had all the ideas for the stickers and banner!  Caleb's is Chase from the Paw Patrol and his police car.  He cut all of the paper strips and I used the hot glue gun!

 "Yoda one for Me!"
 Caleb's party at school was fun!

 I went up to watch Dylan play outside at the end of the day! 
 Roses from my Valentine.
And a date night that we didn't have planned at our new favorite spot in LR: Samantha's!
This dessert is on the list of why this restaurant is our favorite: The Leige Waffle.  
 Saturday morning cartoon snuggles after Daddy went running!
 We enjoyed going to the movies with Daddy!
 Valentine's cupcakes.  Always. 
 Sunday morning was actually February 14th!  I made waffles with valentines sprinkles for the boys. 

 Dylan took our picture!
 Our valentines.  Our hearts.
 Little heart goodies!
 The boys got Alvin dolls and new Alvin and the Chipmunk books.
 We were out of school for President's Day, so we had a "one day" belated get together with friends!  We iced sugar cookies, passed out valentines, and played.  It was a lot of fun!