Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Times Day!

For the rest of my life, I will happily refer to Valentine's Day as Happy Times Day!  Dylan coined the term when he was just one year old, and it has stuck around in our family.  We celebrated Valentine's Day all week long!
We had our play group over for a party.  We decorated Valentine's bags, passed out Valentine's, ate grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, decorated (and ate) heart cookies, and played outside.  The weather was beautiful!
Dylan and I worked on his Valentine's box for his party at school.  He did such a great job on drawing all the details of R2D2.  He is such a detail-oriented little boy.  
He wrote his name on his Valentine's for his classmates!
 Star Wars, logically.
We had a great time at his Valentine's Party.  I'm so thankful to share these moments with him, even if they are hectic!
 We love Mrs. Brady!
The FORCE IS STRONG with OUR Valentine's!
And these jammies.  Hanna Andersson.  They say "I Love You Dad" with little Annakin looking up to Darth Vader.  I think I love them as much as they do! Ha!
And finally....to 2-14-15!
It started off with a run with my favorite Valentine on this earth.  We ran his 8 mile route through Park Hill and it was tough!
Caleb got to go ride the forklift at the shop because he filled up another row of stickers for going to bed well at night!  Lots of love for him.  And he has lots of love for all things construction.
The boys played outside all afternoon.  Thank you, February, for your nice weather.  They opened their Valentine's treats from us.  The Star Wars Itty Bittys.  They were pretty pumped!
And of course, our annual Valentine's cupcakes from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh.  We each picked our favorite and saved them for dessert! 
We enjoyed a steak and baked potato dinner cooked by Daddy, ate our cupcakes, then Jonathan and I watched the Hogs play basketball.  My kinda Valentine's Day spent with the ones I love the most!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a little Super Bowl party at home.  We all made our predictions, and sported our All-Access Super Bowl passes for the game. 
 I was the lone Seattle Seahawks fan.
This boy started out as a Seahawks fan, but decided to go with Dad and Dylan and root for the Patriots.
We had all kinds of appetizers for supper, and then football cupcakes and popcorn in football bags!
The cupcakes were a hit...and a mess!
 I also made huge lacing football cards for the boys.  It was definitely a hit with Dylan, and it kept Caleb's attention for a little while. 
 We also did pin the football in the goalpost before the boys went to bed. 
 It was a fun evening.  Jonathan and I could not believe how the game ended.  I was CERTAIN the Seahawks were about to win, when that infamous one yard line touchdown pass was intercepted.  I think the expression on Tom Brady's face was priceless.  Pure joy and quite a bit of shock.  It was a great game and more importantly, we made some great memories as a family.