Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Caleb is Three. {in his own words}

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?  red, no lellow, no blue, no RED!
WHO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND? Colten and Carter
Note the "papi-less" nap.
Oh how he loves apples.  Peel and all. 
TELL ME ABOUT DYLAN. Does he jump?
 I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that this boy is funny.  Never a dull moment.  Pretty fun asking him these questions this morning!  Let the "fun" of 3 years old begin!
His birthday morning.

Caleb's Construction Crew

 This little construction lovin' boy had a fun little get together on his birthday night!  He's my favorite  three year old on the planet!
Note: the little "broken" road line.  Caleb tried so hard NOT to mess with the cake before the party.  Oops.  The excitement won!
Decked out in his construction worker uniform from Pop & Mawmaw.  
He invited his buddies from our weekly play dates.  He and Beau are only a month apart.  
They sure do love each other already!
 I'd put them on any job out there! A+ team right here!
nuts & bolts: chex mix, wrecking balls: cheese puffs, truck tires: donuts
tools: silverware, fill station: lemonade
Caleb, what a fun time celebrating YOU!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Caleb is THREE!

He's three.  He's t-h-r-e-e.  Wow.  My baby.  My cuddle bug.  He is so much fun.  He is silly, cuddly, sensitive, sneaky, and so very lovable.  He is always ready to make someone laugh.  And oh boy, if you start laughing, he will keep his antics going for as long as it will last. 
-Macaroni and cheese is your favorite.  You ask for it for breakfast.
-You love to eat apples.  Whole apples.  Peel and all.
-You walk into Pop and Mawmaw's house and immediately ask if you can have a popsicle. 
-You are the messiest eater on the planet!
-You enjoy playing Ninja Turtles with Dylan.  You both bust out into dancing moves to sing the theme song.  You also say "Mimja" instead of Ninja.
-You also enjoy playing Power Rangers with Dylan, Nana, and Pawpaw.  Mommy banished all swords and fighting from our house unless you are playing it downstairs while Nana and Pawpaw are here.  There were too many daily injuries and fights for Mommy to handle!
-You enjoy kicking a soccer ball.  You kick with your right foot, opposite of your brother.
-You LOVE Berenstain Bears! We read the book all the time. And you sit through them even though they are kind of long!
-You no longer have your papi (see previous post) so you now sleep in your big boy bed with the chick-fil-a cow, giraffe, puppy, baby bear, penguin, and bison.
-You sometimes let out a really loud and ugly scream if you are frustrated or angry.  We are working on learning that screaming doesn't always get you things.  Oops.  Being three can be tough.
Fun words and phrases:
-"Yes I ma'am!" (Yes I am!)
-"I lush you." (I love you.)
-"Just one nap, Momma." (You say this at nap time and again at bedtime.)
-"Evy-time" (everytime)
-"I like it sometimes, but not lotta times."
-You still love all things construction.  You notice differences in machines and equipment and can spot them a mile away!
-You have started going to Bible Hour during Worship service.  You stand at the front with Dylan and lead a song to the group.  
-You got your first pair of real cowboy boots from Crossroads.  
-You point to things with your middle finger.  Almost.  Always. 
-You absolutely love to read books.  We can sit for long periods of time and read.
-You still play so well with toys.  You love the train table.  You also love to play with your Mickey Mouse Firehouse.  You will sit and make all of the appropriate noises.  You have a great little imagination.
-You know your colors and can count to 12.  Then you start saying "x-teen."  
You are our pure joy.  Our hearts have grown so much because of you.  You are just so enjoyable to be around.  Thank you Lord, for giving us this little boy!

Pickin' Pumpkins

Bo Brooks Farm
Pumpkin Patch
October 19. 2014

Looking way too big. 
Sweet -n- silly as sugar!
Little doll baby, Shelby.
Take 1...
Take 2....
My boys, Shelby, and Weston
My boys. 
Hayride with Daddy.
 The Pumpkin Patch was fun.  Caleb loved the tractor hayride the most, and Dylan enjoyed the corn pit to play in.  We love making memories with dear friends!

Bye, Bye, Dearest Papi....

Our dear friend, papi, has finally been removed from our house.  It was nothing short of extremely traumatic for him, and really for me as his Mommy.  I felt like I was stealing his comfort.   I loved seeing how my sweet Caleb drifted off to sleep with the papi upside down, which is how he preferred it.  I went about getting rid of it just like we did with Dylan.  For a few days, I definitely second guessed this decision, but it ended up alright.  We gathered all of his papis and "mailed" them to our sweet friend, Tessa.  She's still young and we decided she still needs them.  In return, Tessa "mailed" back a big boy toy for the new big boy and his achieved milestone.  Caleb was -all in- for this, until we had to take the last papi out of his mouth and stick it with the others.  I physically had to pry it out of his mouth as he wailed and screamed and pleaded to keep "just one." (See, I wasn't kidding about the trauma).
Naptime wasn't too bad because I rocked him to sleep.  Bedtime was a different story.  He cried for 2 hours in his bed.  He said, "I want my papi's back!" "I can't hold my blankie over my face without my papi."  "I don't want my big boy toy."  And so on for t-w-o- hours.  Daddy and Mommy were very calm and patient.  Daddy tried to rock him a bit, but that wasn't working.  I finally rocked him to sleep.  The second night was another struggle for two hours, but he didn't have to be rocked this time around.  The next evening and the next just got easier and easier.  Now, he doesn't even ask for it anymore.  Occasionally, he laughs about Tessa needing those papi's because she cries.  And then we move on.  I can't believe what a big boy he is becoming.  Another milestone is behind us, and each day I realize how blessed I am to be the mom to these two boys.
The love started out young.
See, the upside down thing.  His thing.  Love him. 
Realizing what was happening. 
 Getting ready for send off. 
 His new BIG BOY cement mixer!
Thankful and proud of this big boy and his accomplishment.  It's a BIG one!

Tiny Tigers {First Taekwondo Tournament}

Dylan participated in his very first Taekwondo Tournament on September 27, 2014.  I really liked the fact that the Master teachers helped them complete their "form" if they wanted help, and that every Tiny Tiger received a medal.  It was good exposure to how things work, if we continue down the Taekwondo road!

Waiting for his turn to compete!
 There was quite a bit of "wait" time, so Caleb stayed occupied with Disney Junior.
 Look at him go!  In the middle of his form.  He also did his form with this axes.
 Proud to receive his medal!
 I am proud of him sticking to his Taekwondo.  He goes twice a week to practice.  He is learning how to use all of the weapons, he is learning leadership skills and discipline!