Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memphis Zoo with Friends!

We enjoyed a new "first" for our family!  We had a weekend family trip away with friends!  We met the Summitts, Holberts, and other Holberts in Memphis for a weekend at the zoo.  Just staying in the hotel was an adventure for my boys!  Overall, they did so great on the trip.  I am starting to see those signs of easier traveling in the future.  They pulled their own little suitcases.  They slept in the same room together (the living room part of our suite).  Dylan slept on the couch bed and Caleb slept in his pack -n- play.

It all started with some wrestling on the bed, of course.
 Caleb kept saying, "You wanna piece of me?"
 Saturday morning at the entrance to the zoo!
 This boy is REALLY into snakes these days.  So, we were amazed when a zoo keeper had one at the gate and told us all about it.  Then, she offered to let it sit on his shoulder.  I jumped around like a girly girl and he was in heaven.  Look at that proud, sweet face! EEEEEkkkKKK!
 The entire group at the zoo!  Six kiddos age 4 and under, and one on the way! (Lori Holbert)
 This little one was so sweet and rode in the stroller a lot of the way.  The Memphis Zoo is BIG!
 He was the leader of the group, and was quite proud of that!
 After lunch, we were all happy for a little train ride to rest our piggy toes!
 Come 1:30, this kiddo is taking his nap.  I truly love that about him.  He did, however, miss the visit to see the giraffes, and he was looking forward to seeing them.  When he woke up, he said, "but I didn't get to see the giraffes!"  It kinda broke my heart and I wanted to go back to the zoo so he could see them.
 Dylan also is really interested in bald eagles.  He was excited to see 2 at the zoo.
 Love this guy that takes care of us all the time!
 Thankful for the Sit -n- Stand stroller because Dylan still can't walk the zoo without wearing out!
 Dippin' Dots makes any exciting trip complete!
 I took some pictures for Caleb of the giraffes, since he was asleep!
 We weren't 5 minutes into our drive, and Dylan fell asleep!  Tired boy!  We decided to stay Saturday night as well.  Drew, Lindsey, Beau, and Tess stayed too.  We ate dinner at The Commisary and enjoyed some great BBQ.
 Sunday morning was Mother's Day.  We took the boys to a huge park called "Everybody's Tree House".  It was totally over the top.  The boys played forever and we had a blast.  We ate lunch at Outback and headed home.  It was a great trip and we look forward to sharing more trips with friends in the future!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mother's Day!

May 10, 2014
We spent Mother's Day weekend in Memphis enjoying our family time with great friends! I will post all on that next. First, I wanted to share two moms that we love with all of our hearts! They are great mothers and even better at being Mawmaw and Nana! And that includes lots of hugs, kisses, and spoiling! Honestly, I don't know what I would do without them. I often probably take it for granted that we all live in the same town! 
And then of course, I'm very thankful that The Lord entrusted these little lives to me! 
It's a miracle that they are here and part of our lives. Being "mommy" is the most rewarding and most exhausting thing that I have ever done. I wouldn't trade any of it. I try my best to cherish it all and definitely soak up the good times because they are closely followed by things like: boys climbing on the cabinets, stepping in poo in the bathroom when one didn't make it in time, cleaning one up from "washing" his feet in the toilet, cereal dumped out on the kitchen floor, doctoring mosquito bites, wiping booties, and saving the world! Ha! It's hard work, but it's MY  hard work. They will be in school every day soon enough and I will miss them! I am taking my time to watch them grow and learn and enjoy the little things before full time school and then in a blink, before high school graduation! 
Dylan calls me "Momma" most of the time and Caleb says "Mommy". Life would not be the same without them. Thank you God for their healthy life and for giving them to us to raise in YOUR glory. Words can't touch how truly thankful I am to be a Mom.