Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And then there was TEN!

As I sit here to reflect on Dylan's life, I am so thankful for being given this journey to travel. Each day I love that little boy more and more. Each month he develops more of a little personality!

-You have new ways to communicate:
Ni-ni-ni-ni: Your word for no I don't want to do this. You say this at diaper time, clothes time, when you are done eating,when you don't want to be in your carseat, etc.

Woof: We always say woof-woof when we play with Nelli. You say woof once minus the -w sound at the beginning.

-You can walk behind your walker ALL BY YOURSELF! You grin so big because you are so proud of your accomplishment!

-You love to CLIMB! We were playing in the den, and the next thing I knew, you where here:
Isn't that a "I've been caught" face!
-You went to your 1st baseball game: the Arkansas Travelers!

-You are loving table food! Ham, turkey, bananas, crackers, peaches, pasta, blueberries, cheese, peas, carrots, just to name a few!

-You have discovered where the toilet paper is and how fun it is to watch it roll!!!!!!
-Right before your 10 month birthday, you stood up ALL BY YOURSELF! I even counted for 13 seconds! Yeah!
-I have started planning for the big 1st birthday! It is only 2 months away! Yikes!

Here is a short video clip of Dylan and his walk behind walker! Go DYLAN Go!

Special "Firsts"

Jonathan enjoyed his first real Father's Day! Unfortunately, Dylan was at the beginning of a nasty virus (we didn't know it then) and was pretty cranky all day long. We still enjoyed family time.

Dylan helping Daddy open his backyard golf net. He also got a picture of Dylan with his Daddy's golf bag.

Dylan and Daddy. Such a good looking pair!
My dad, Pop, with all his grandsons!
And my sister and me with Dad
Three generations: Grandpa, Jonathan, and Dylan
Thanks Jonathan for being the best daddy in the world. We weren't sure it was in the cards for us, but to see you as a father now, let's me know once again what great plans our Lord has in store for us!

Another 1st happened on the 26th: Our 1st Anniversary with Dylan. 6 years total! We celebrated as a family for lunch and then Jonathan and I went to a matinee and dinner at PF Chang's. It was a great day! At dinner, we predicted what "life" would look like for our family on our 12th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to see!

Bentonville Buddies

We went to visit our dear friends, the Richardson's, June 15-17. This was The first time I took Dylan away by myself. We left at his morning nap time and of course he only slept for 45 minutes of our 3 hour trip. I only stopped once to retrieve the pacifier and toys that he threw off to the side. I was very proud of him.

Emily and Lauren LOVED Dylan! He loved them right back! They were constant entertainment. Lauren is 5 and will start Kindergarten this fall. Hard to believe Alyssa was pregnant with her when we met in Searcy! We enjoyed Emily's softball game. It is hard to believe that she is 9 years old!
We enjoyed their neighborhood pool. All pools should have a zero-entry!

We hope to go back this fall to shop when the girls are in school. And we also plan to go for a Razorback game and try to catchup with them while we are there!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nine is FINE for us!

Dylan is nine months old! He is barely on the percentile chart for weight, and above average for length. Just like I was at that age! :) He is into EVERYTHING!! He is exploring the entire house. He follows me from room to room!
I bought a baby pool at Babies 'R Us for a whopping $4.99 and he LOVES it! He swims in the shade and I lay out in the sun. Perfect for these hot summer days! Changes up the routine a bit!

We spent most of Memorial Day weekend at the lake house. He does not care for swimming in the lake. I think the life jacket all around his neck bothers him. He would rather be in his baby pool, free to roam as he pleases. That pretty much sums him up: wants to do things himself ALREADY!! Below: Rockin' the pearl snaps ;)

Milestones as of lately:
-You have mastered pulling up, and like to pull everything off of the tables! -When you pull up, you are starting to walk around wahtever you pulled up on: sofa, ottoman, table, etc.
-You love to play PEEK-A-BOO! It is truly the cutest thing to watch you play this game with your blankie!
-You like to pull everything out of your toy baskets, buckets, bags, etc.
-You respond to "no-no" most of the time :)
-You have started table foods: green beans, chicken, cheese, bananas, multi-grain cherrios, whole wheat bagel, pieces of ham, and diced sweet potatoes. I think ham is your favorite so far!
-You are becoming a good napper (2 naps, usually at least an hour each. No more than an hour and a half.) Sometimes it still is only 40 min. but that's ok!
-You make silly faces at random. One we call the " sour" face but it doesn't always accompany food!
-You laugh at yourself and talk to yourself in the mirror! So cute! :)
-I let you "discover" the tupperware cabinet and boy do you love it!

Jonathan played in a big golf tournament this weekend, and the "wives" went for supper each night. It was lots of fun! Dylan came to the golf course Sunday afternoon for his 1st golf cart ride. He loved it! Happy Dylan & Happy Daddy :) While we were at our dinners each night, Dylan hung out with Mawmaw & Pop, Uncle Craig & Aunt Carole, and even spent the night with Grandpa & Grandma. It was his 2nd time to spend the night away from home. (1st time with Jonathan's parents) Good thing for all of us, but still hard for Momma to do! :) When we went to pick him up Saturday morning, he was still having a BLAST!

Well, time for this Momma to go to bed!
Sleep tight, Rachel