Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Super proud of this boy!

Dylan has completed his first ever "school" experience!  He LOVED Mother's Day Out so very much!  He went every Tuesday and Thursday and we quickly started learning that those days of the week were "school" days.  As most of you know, he is not shy or reserved!  Most days, he marched in ready to hug Mrs. Kelly and start playing with his friends!  He has made friends that I already know he will continue to have as he grows up.
Are you kidding me at the difference one school year made?
New tradition: A cupcake after breakfast on the last day of school!
Mother's Day Out was a great opportunity for him to learn to play with others in a relaxed, low-key atmosphere.
Clockwise: finger-painting, napping (it did happen occasionally), finger-painting again, hunting Easter eggs
Clockwise: ready to go to school, Valentine's party, headed outside with his class, ready for school in his shades, and smiling with Mrs. Kelly!

End of the year questionnaire: I am planning to do this each year!

*Self-portrait includes: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, underwear, and shoes.  And he traced his handprint without any help.  He is very independent here lately!
Dylan, you are full of energy and joy.  You are constantly "going", but you also have such a good heart.  You think of others often, and try to solve problems.  You are always asking questions and "thinking".  I am so proud of you and happy that you love school!
Looking way too grown up!
I am so thankful that he had this experience.  It was the perfect place for him.  Thanks MDO for loving on my son, but most importantly showing him Christ. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like SUMMER!

Here's what we've been up to lately!  Gearing up for warm weather and summer fun!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mommy's Weekend!

What a great Mother's Day weekend! Daddy cooked a great breakfast Saturday morning after letting me sleep in! Then we headed down to the local farmers market. We stocked up on strawberries, watermelon, zucchini, and squash! Yum! The weather was perfect so we took Dylan's bike and rode across one of the river bridges. He was so excited to do this! We watched boats zoom under us, and got to see a canoe race! Caleb kept saying "a boat" and "wadoo"! We finished off the morning with Chick-fil-a at Dylan's request, then home for some little boy naps.
We took my mom to dinner Saturday night. It was a great time. Saddle Creek did not disappoint, especially the desserts! Then we let the boys run a little at the pavilion. 
We love our Mawmaw!
He loves chocolate cake just like me!
And this little one enjoyed some creme brûlée!
My two blessings. I am definitely not using that phrase lightly. I seem to reflect on the fact that I was lucky to be pregnant and have these boys when we weren't ever sure I would be able to carry even one! The years, prayers, doctors, and tears were all worth it. I feel like the Lord was incredibly faithful and once again blessed me better than I could have imagined. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. 
Nana and Pawpaw came over for lunch.  We grilled chicken and had fresh fruit salad.  The weather was perfect. 
 The boys played outside, we listened to music, ate lunch with the backdoor open, and enjoyed family time.  It was one of those times where everything seems "right".  I'm thankful for times like that.  I got to take a nap while my little boys napped, too.  Woohoo!  It was a fabulous Mother's Day weekend.  I'm thankful for a husband that has made it all possible.  We wouldn't be the family we are today without him!  Here is to mothers around the world.  It does not matter what your story is on how you "became" a mom, just remember to embrace it all.  Breathe through the challenging times, and soak up those moments that all is "right" in the world.  That's what I am trying to teach myself.  Be patient.  Remember that these stages will be gone in the blink of an eye.    

Monday, May 6, 2013

18 months

Some say eyes are the window to the soul.  This little "soul searcher" definitely has us all caught up in his piercing dark blue eyes!  Pretty crazy to think that we are 6 months away from our baby being 2 years old!
First sentence: "Whea papi go?" (Where papi go?) You asked Mommy and Mawmaw.
Other new words and phrases:
"Nigh nigh ba-bee" (night night baby)
"bo-ken" (broken)
"Pickey" (Mickey Mouse)
"Pu-toe" (Pluto)
"Cack cack" (for Donald Duck)
"swi sweam" (ice cream)
"bapes" (grapes)
"bu-ee" (bunny)
"gi-af" (giraffe)
"Thoooom" (Tom)
"woking" (working)
You love to ask for "Thom".  He is our friend that helped one entire week trying to solve our drainage problem in the backyard.  And he did!  Ever since then, you ask for him when we go outside.  Sometimes you say "Thooom woking" or "Thooom home".  Cracks us up. 

You will try and repeat anything we say.  I love listening to how your words come out and how you think so hard before you try and say them!  
You loved running the jets in the bathtub.  You squealed and played in the "bubbles".
Your most favorite thing right now is to cut fruit!  You run in the playroom and say, "cut, cut"! You love to velcro the fruit together and use your wooden knife to cut them apart again.  You can sit and do this for a very long time!
You love to climb.  I still think your brother has you beat, but you run a close second!
You also love the inflatable swords from Nana & Pawpaw, but it doesn't hold a candle to the "bacuum" (vacuum).  You love your little vacuum, but have a crazy fascination for the real one.  I have had to put the door locks on the closet so you don't pull out the vacuum every second!  When Daddy gets home from work, he holds you and you vacuum the floors together.  Every.  Day.  
Other happenings:
-You can stack your chunky soft blocks 4 high!
-You are cutting your eye teeth.  Boo....
-You like to walk backwards.
-You love to find the "hidden" things in books.  Your Usborne books, Find the Puppy  and That's Not my Puppy  both have hidden animals in them and you love to point them out.  Especially the little mouse!
-You have started singing a lot!  You can sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  Mommy hopes to have it on video soon!

Stats: 22lbs7oz

I continue to be enamored by your sweet spirit.  I love that you love me the most.  I love that you have a sweet little birthmark on your right upper arm.  I love the way your room smells just like YOU and no one else.  I love that you call Aunt Carole "Mawmaw" even though you can say her name perfect.  I love that you are ticklish most on your sides down by your belly button.  I love that you are a wee bit pigeon toed and HATE wearing shoes that don't lace up.  I love that you wake up just like me,  grumpy, and you need a few minutes to get it all together. I love that you have your Daddy's hands. They look just the same. I can already tell they are going to be very big and wide.  I love that no matter how many times I "trim" your hair, you never lose those sweet curls at the nape of your neck and behind your ears. I love that you would still rather drink from a sippy cup with handles than without.  I love that you repeat any noise or movement that your brother makes.  I love that you would rather be "ough-sigh" than anywhere else and that you DO NOT like to swing! 
WE ALL love you to the moon and back sweet boy!