Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hopping Along

So the Easter Bunny hopped out of town a WHILE ago, but here are the highlights!
Dylan: love Caleb: terror
The boys with Shelby after visiting the Easter Bunny!
Easter egg dyeing!
Little Egg Person!
Our Egg family! 
Look what the Easter bunny dropped off! 
Checking out his new Power Ranger sticker book! 

Easter treats from Pop and Mawmaw!
 We enjoyed our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt/play/lunch at Nana and Pawpaw's house!
We actually didn't get to showcase our Easter outfits until the Sunday after Easter.  Dylan came down with croup the Saturday morning before Easter.  So, our Easter Sunday was spent at home.  He was all better and ready to go the next Sunday!
 I'm pretty sure there is nothing better than a little boy in knee socks and a jon-jon.
We enjoyed a trip to Wye Mountain daffodil field.  We were all pretty excited that Lana and Baby Shelby got to join us!
Little boy aviators=one cool dude
They were trying so hard to console sweet Shelby!
I love my boys more than anything in this world!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seventeen month update...

Caleb turned 17 months old on March 24, 2013, so pardon the fact that I am still a little behind.  I just don't want to forget all the cute things that happened this past month.  It seems like I blink my eyes and he is saying a new word, or doing something new!

You are still Mommy's little boy!  You DO NOT like it when Daddy hugs or kisses Mommy.  You start whining and run to us.  You want Daddy to leave, and then you start hugging and kissing on Mommy.  ROTTEN!
You want to be doing anything and everything your big brother is doing!  On this particular day, you chalked inside your playhouse for a long time!  
 You have now added some phrases to your vocabulary! 
"go-gon" (gone gone) this applies to food!
"I howd" (I hold)
"I poos it" (I push it) when you want to start your music on your mirror in the car
"wu ooh" (love you)
"Bye Daddy" just as plain as day to your Daddy on the phone 4-20-13

Other words:
"Da-duhl" (Daniel) for Daniel & the lions den in your nighttime Bible story
"Eh-dee" (Nelli)
"Cah-cur" (color)
"Ou-sigh" (outside)
"Ehh Ca-cuwl" (Aunt Carole)

I also love your responses.  You have great comprehension and can follow one step directions with ease!  When asked a question, you have these responses: (in your most southern drawl)
"Yeee-uh" (yes)
"Kaaaay" (okay)
You love to dance, sing, and slide!
 You love to be outside playing in the dirt and holding sticks.  You have a knack for finding the smallest puddle of "wa-doo" and gettting messy!

 Your newest accomplishment is climbing.  You can climb any ladder.  You can climb onto the top of the kitchen table.  Just the other day while Mommy was getting dressed, I came to check on you and Dylan, and you were on top of the piano.  The VERY TOP mind you.  You scaled the bench, piano keys, music holder, and made it to the top.  Why? Because that is where Dylan had put his snack to keep it away from you! Which leads me to....
 Food!  Oh baby boy, you love to eat!  I sometimes call you our little swiper!  You will swipe any food that your brother leaves out.  You ate a plate full of lasagna and cheese bread this week, and I turned around not 20 minutes later and you were eating crackers!
You are very particular about your shoes.  I think it is partly because you do not have much of an arch. You do not want to be wearing sandals, or anything that is open.  You want socks and lace up shoes.  Your favorite still seem to be your white Stride Rite high tops.  We are on our second pair and I am happy to make you feel good.  And luckily, they are too cute for words on you!
 You love the playground at the zoo and you are just now big enough to get out of the stroller and enjoy it!
 You also got to play at the train table at the library!  You love going to music class there with Dylan and shaking your maraca! 
 You love to "seet" (sweep) and "ba-cum" (vaccuum)!
 Your love for "papi" and "ga-gee" (blankie) haven't changed! And note the shirt that was Dylan's and now Caleb is wearing it!  Courtesy of Aunt Janell!  
I mentioned earlier your love for music.  You especially love the song "Downtown" by Lady Antebellum.  (Yes, your Mommy loves country music!) Now when you see my phone, you say "Touw-touw" and "I howd".  You love to hold the phone and shake it!  Love!
Other things to remember forever:
-You are ticklish.
-After our bedtime routine one night this week, I laid you down and said "Love you to the moon and back."  You stood back up and puckered your lips to give me a kiss.  Sweetest boy I know.
-You can open the door to the garage all by yourself.
-You have the sweetest smell that fills up your room.  When I walk in to get you every morning, I soak it in, because I know that baby smell won't last forever.
-You will climb over everyone on the pew at church to get to your Uncle "Cag" (Craig).
-You now think it is funny to squish your cuties (little oranges) in your hand and watch the juice trickle everywhere.
-You still love to read books with "real" babies/animals in them.
-You are pretty serious about going to bed at 7:30.  While Mommy was out one night, you got a book one night at 7:25, showed it to Daddy, and walked back to your room.  He asked you if you wanted to go to bed and you shook your head yes.  And you are also very serious about sleeping 12+ hours a night.  Hallelujah!