Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sixth Birthday Party {Star Wars Style}

We had a weekend of birthday festivities! 
Dylan got a desk for his room from us. He had been asking for one and he was over the moon excited to help Daddy put it together!
He asked me to make cupcakes for him to take to school on his actual birthday! 

We also took him Chick-Fil-A and ate with him at lunch. 
We had our family over Friday night for hamburgers and cookie cake! That Darth Vader cake was made by yours truly. 
Uncle Craig got creative with Dylan's new Darth Vader toy!
On Saturday afternoon, we had a "boys only" birthday party! The boys swam, played in the yard, and we had pizza and birthday cake! 
Can't believe this boy is SIX!

September Shenanigans

1. Caleb was the highest seller for the week on magazine sales and got to race his pig after chapel. Jordan the Pig did not win, but he was proud!
2. He's getting used to our Mommy days together. ;) And he always wants Mac-n-cheese for lunch. 
3. Dylan got to chew gum in class for Super Behavior!
4. Susan and I drove to Bentonville one day after school drop off and ate lunch with Steph. 
5. Kindergarten learned about Community helpers and cousin Michael came to talk about police officers. 
6. Daddy still has the best tickles!
7. We stopped in Memphis on the way home from Aunt Janell's wedding. The Bass Pro Shop is so cool!
8. This boy was goofing off in car line waiting to pick up Dylan. 
9. This is Caleb's first craft to bring home from PreK-3. They were studying nursery rhymes. 
10. We took Dylan lunch and ate at the picnic tables on the school grounds. He requested Panera for lunch. ;)
11. This is the other activity Caleb does in car line pick up. I carried him from his bed to the car and he continued his nap!
12. Dylan had to get two staples in the back of his head because Caleb hit him with a kid golf club. This is him at his 6 year old well check and Dr. Thompson took the staples out for us. He has been so brave!
13. Caleb has been learning about Joseph in Bible class. 
14. I love seeing Dylan's work outside his classroom!
15. Caleb had these two things outside his classroom. He wasn't quite as excited to do them as his brother was to do his homework!
16. The boys are so blessed to have both sets of Grandparents so close! They all came and went to "Red, White, Blue, and Grandparents, too!" for the boys. 
17. Dylan and Sloan went with their daddies to the golf course. They had a great time. I think the dads approve of the set up because they kept each other company and they played 9 holes!
That was our September! October is already looking to be a very BUSY month but I'm READY for cooler weather!


Janell & Larry
September 12, 2015
Oakhaven Farm
Murfreesboro, TN

Rehearsal Dinner
My sister, Craig, and I got to TN on Thursday afternoon and got to work! We did a few things on Thursday, but Friday we hit the ground running with last minute errands for the weekend. We decorated for the rehearsal dinner which was held in the loft of the barn. It was a neat location and more special because Janell & Larry worked so hard fixing up the barn and his families farm for their special day! 

Wedding Day Preparation
Saturday was spent getting all prettied up for the big day. Don't we look like sisters? I had the privilege of being her Matron of Honor. It's funny how our roles were defined and I became the calming force for her that day. She was so excited yet jittery and we prayed for God to give her peace in this moment. 
As we got ready, I busted out the chalk and made sure all the signs were wedding ready! Never a dull moment! 

Wedding Ceremony
The wedding was beautiful! The sun was out yet there was a cool breeze because of the rain that fell on Friday. It really felt like God had his hand placed on this location and was breathing blessings into it.

We did have to endure quite a little rain storm after the ceremony. But all was well and it cleared out pretty quickly. The boys left after dinner with my parents and we stayed until the bride and groom left around 11:00pm. 
Thank you for asking me to stand by you on your big day. I honestly haven't seen you this happy and that makes me smile. I pray for you and Larry. I pray that you will cherish each other, put each other first behind God, work through the good and the bad, be each other's best friends, and be blessed with a strong marriage. 
Can't wait to see you in October!

Dove Huntin' & Apple Pickin'

We had a great Labor Day Weekend. This was the first time the boys got to go Dove hunting with Daddy. I took them up to the farm at lunch and they hunted that afternoon. Caleb practiced shooting the bee bee gun. Dylan practiced the .22 with a scope. And I shot a gun for the first time, the .22 rifle as well. It intimidated me the entire time. I can safely say that I will not turn into a hunter. But that's okay! I'm excited for my boys to get to share this passion with their Daddy, Pop, and Pawpaw!

On Labor Day Monday, we took the boys to Cadron Crest Orchard in Guy, AR to pick apples. Caleb LOVES apples and will eat the core too if you don't watch him! We missed the time frame for picking them last year and we said this might become a tradition. It was so much fun. We picked apples and peaches!