Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Raising Two ADVENTURERS to Love Jesus

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our 2016/2017 School Year in Review

It appears that I took a year long hiatus from the blogging world.  I cannot just skip a year and pick up as of today, so I will attempt to give a short glimpse into our lives "by month"!  Enjoy!


Dylan started 1st grade.  His teacher was Mrs. Vanesa Wood.  She was amazing!  He was eager to start and loved everything about the year.  I would say that he really took interest in History, the U.S. Presidents, and lots of U.S. landmarks.  He desperately wants to visit the Statue of Liberty.  (2019 is our plan for that!)
Caleb started PreK-4 on Tuesday and Thursday.  His teacher was Mrs. Amy Zini.  He didn't quite LOVE going to school and had some rough patches of separation along the way.  Overall, he had a good time!  
Dylan turned 7 and received his black belt!


We celebrated Labor Day at the farm.  The boys had a blast.  They had Grandparents Day at school.  We made lots of trips to Fayetteville to watch Razorback football games!


We had our huge CAC Fall Carnival.  It was great!  Caleb turned 5 and had a fun AirBud Volleyball party! We dressed up as the Saved by the Bell cast for Halloween.  


November was full of fall weather, more football and the start of holiday activities.  Caleb was Prickly Cactus in their "Thanksgiving" program.  We had fall pictures taken down by the Arkansas River.  We made our annual Turkey cookies, and spent Thanksgiving day in Amagon with my Mom's family. 


Where do I begin?  The boys went on Youth Hunt with Daddy and Ben.  Jonathan and I took a long weekend away to New York City.  It was our first more than 2 nights away since Dylan was born I guess!  It was a great time recharging with him, on his 34th birthday.  Dad and I shared a bucket list item of seeing the Warrior play basketball.  They got  thumped by the Grizzlies, but the time with him was awesome.  We met Santa Claus and told him our wishes:  a drone (Caleb) and a robot dog named Chip (Dylan).  We had our annual friends Christmas party at our house.  And Santa visited us this year!


The boys played Upward Basketball for the first time.  They had a wonderful season!  They are obsessed with the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry.  Dylan kept his class bear for a week.  Caleb read his FIRST book!  He even took it to school and read to PreK 3 & 4!


We celebrated Valentine's Day at school, and with friends.  The weather was nice and warm so we spent lots of time outside.  Dylan and I both got the flu.  Caleb ended it with a very mild form.  Mama got glasses, and Dr. Seuss had a birthday!


Jonathan ran the half marathon.  I ran the 10k.  We went back to Deer Valley, Utah for our annual family ski trip.  I celebrated my 34th birthday while we were there.  We spent Spring Break at home doing fun things along the way.  Pawpaw retired from Xtra Lease and went to work for Arnold & Blevins in shipping and receiving.  
We started seeing signs of spring weather.  We attended the always great JDRF Gala with friends.  We enjoyed lots of Easter festivities, including both sides of the family eating lunch at our house on Easter Sunday.  The boys started their baseball seasons.  Dylan is playing 7/8 pitching machine and Caleb is playing 5/6 tee ball.  Caleb had a special kite flying day at school.  We managed to get one out of our two kites stuck in a tree, but it was fun! Pop & Mawmaw took the boys to the Dinosaur exhibit.  They both participated in the Teacher/Student Annual Kickball game at school. We snuck off for a quick turnaround trip to Florida for work.  
The boys had field day and had a blast.  We took a weekend trip to St. Louis for Mother's Day.  We went to the zoo and to a St. Louis Cardinals game.  We finished up our school year and I honestly could not believe how much they changed in one school year! J played in a golf tournament which gave us a night to dress up!  
Memorial Day 2014
Memorial Day 2017

We started off the first weeks of summer with a busy schedule!  Dylan had golf camp that included a 3 hole golf tournament to end the week.  He ended up winning his age division with a score of 23.  We can't believe he won his first golf tournament!  Daddy even got to be with his group all morning as the score keeper!  We had a blast at our annual PV Four Ball!  We did lots of swimming!  The boys promoted to their new Bible classes.  We now have a Kindergartner and 2nd grader!  Jonathan and I went with the McConnell's to the Luke Bryan concert.  The boys did VBS "Adventure to Rome".  Both boys did Tennis Camp for the first time.  They liked it alright, but I don't think we will have any star tennis players at our house.  I don't think it was their favorite.  The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship!  Caleb's dream came true of having his very own catchers gear to play baseball.  We celebrated Father's Day by watching the U.S. Open with Daddy!
Now it is the end of June and we have kicked off our summer with a huge bang!   Be on the lookout for that post soon!


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